CPC Mastermind Mentoring Groups

Mastermind MentoringFREE Mastermind Mentoring Groups – CPC Member Benefit

Career Professionals of Canada is proud to offer a formal mentorship program, CPC’s Mastermind Mentoring Groups. This program is available to all CPC members free of charge. Members interact on selected topics of mutual interest for the purposes of professional development.

Mentor Your Colleagues >>> Receive Mentoring in Return

A Mastermind Mentoring Group is made up of a limited number of CPC members who share similar professional development goals.  Each group meets via teleconference monthly, for four months. At each session, there will be a facilitator to encourage and enable open discussions. All meetings are announced in the CPC Events Schedule. If you are interested in joining a group, you must be able to meet virtually on the scheduled dates and times.*

Only active members of CPC may apply to join a Mastermind Mentoring Group. If you’re not a member and would like to participate in a Mastermind Group, join now.

CPC encourages and supports the career, business, and professional development goals of our members. Our Mastermind Mentoring Group Program is designed to provide CPC members with an avenue for enhancing their competencies as practitioners.

The Canadian Standards and Guidelines for Career Development Practitioners and the CDP Competency Framework identify core competencies required by career practitioners. This CPC Mentorship Program seeks to drive the development of these competencies in practitioners by:

  • Enhancing relationships between professional members of CPC.
  • Providing an avenue for professional development for entry- and mid-level practitioners.
  • Capitalizing on the experience and expertise gained through seasoned practitioners.
  • Advancing leadership visibility for seasoned practitioners within the CPC membership.
  • Provide further career fulfillment for both mentor and mentee.