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FREE Mastermind Mentoring Groups – CPC Member Benefit

Career Professionals of Canada is proud to offer a formal mentorship program, CPC’s Mastermind Mentoring Groups. This program is available to all CPC members free of charge. Members interact on selected topics of mutual interest for the purposes of professional development.

Mentor Your Colleagues >>> Receive Mentoring in Return

Career Professionals of Canada

A Mastermind Mentoring Group is made up of a limited number of CPC members who share similar professional development goals.  Each group meets via teleconference monthly, for four months. At each session, there will be a facilitator to encourage and enable open discussions. All meetings are announced in the CPC Events Schedule. If you are interested in joining a group, you must be able to meet virtually on the scheduled dates and times.*

Only active members of CPC may apply to join a Mastermind Mentoring Group. If you’re not a member and would like to participate in a Mastermind Group, join now.

CPC encourages and supports the career, business, and professional development goals of our members. Our Mastermind Mentoring Group Program is designed to provide CPC members with an avenue for enhancing their competencies as practitioners.

The Canadian Standards and Guidelines for Career Development Practitioners and the CDP Competency Framework identify core competencies required by career practitioners. This CPC Mentorship Program seeks to drive the development of these competencies in practitioners by:

  • Enhancing relationships between professional members of CPC.
  • Providing an avenue for professional development for entry- and mid-level practitioners.
  • Capitalizing on the experience and expertise gained through seasoned practitioners.
  • Advancing leadership visibility for seasoned practitioners within the CPC membership.
  • Provide further career fulfillment for both mentor and mentee.
  • Experience personal development and growth through collective mentoring.
  • Develop competencies by learning from seasoned professionals.
  • Gain a new point of view from an objective and outside pair of eyes.
  • Master the art of networking and get involved in a new community.
  • Experience satisfaction from aiding in the development of colleagues.
  • Learn more about “up and coming” trends in the industry sector.
  • Bounce ideas off someone with a different perspective.
  • Feel renewed and more motivated in your own individual work.
  • Advance your career and business goals and dreams.
  • Gain recognition as one of the leaders in the career community.
  • All current Mastermind Mentoring Groups are scheduled and outlined in the CPC Events Calendar. Carefully select the appropriate Mastermind Mentoring Group based on your needs and interests. Register early as group sizes are limited to encourage networking, support, and relationship building.
  • Register for the Mastermind Mentoring Group of your choice as soon as you are able. All sessions are listed on the CPC Events Schedule. When you register, you’ll have a brief questionnaire to complete.
  • Each program runs for a period of four months. During this time, you are expected to meet by phone for your sessions. Meetings will be strictly confidential (within the confines of the group).
  • In order to ensure the program is a success, you will commit in writing to time commitments and learning objectives. When you sign up, you are agreeing to follow the responsibilities outlined in the session outline and waive liability to CPC.
  • Mastermind Mentoring Groups are started by members of Career Professionals of Canada. If you have an idea for a specific group and topic that is not available, you may request that a new group be started.
  • Respect the relationship and the time commitment offered by your group.
  • Identify topics for discussions within the group.
  • Provide an encouraging environment for learning to take place.
  • Ask questions, try new skills, and learn from mistakes.
  • Teach, coach and provide support to the  learning process.
  • Introduce group members to new experiences, opportunities, and ideas.
  • Gain knowledge and be open to the expertise and feedback within your group.

CPC Members are eligible to participate in one Mastermind Mentoring Group.

Groups are limited to 8 participants. Program applicants are required to complete a qualifying questionnaire upon registration. Applicants are selected based on a match between their interests, the objectives of the program, and those of the other participants. Only those members who fit the direction of the group will be accepted.

Qualified members will be notified when they are selected to participate. Participants must ensure that they are available to meet by teleconference for four consecutive monthly sessions and participate actively in action items through the month. Mastermind group research and other findings and may be published upon the approval of group members.