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Due to the rapid growth of CPC’s Facebook Group and LinkedIn Group, our Social Media Team is expanding. We are currently looking for team members who are interested in supporting our social media engagement and marketing efforts in the role of Social Media Facilitator. This is a great opportunity to build your expertise and increase your visibility. You must be a CPC member in order to join this volunteer effort.

CPC’s vision is one of collaboration and co-creation. Our objective is to bring our members together as part of a caring and sharing community of career professionals.

Our LinkedIn and Facebook Groups enjoy lively daily discussions and engagement from both CPC members and non-members across Canada and beyond. Through interaction with group members, the forums provide access to rich sources of information and support on a wide variety of career-related topics.

Our culture is inclusive; one where all attendees are welcomed and made to feel comfortable and empowered to participate actively in their own career journey. A successful forum is one where all participants are able to effectively network, share, and grow through an interactive learning experience.

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