CPC Outreach Team

CPC Outreach Program

CPC’s Outreach Program is an initiative to represent and promote CPC to outside organizations who are involved in or have an impact on career development in Canada. Such organizations are other professional associations, foundations, and not-for-profits working in the field of career development, along with government policy makers and regulators.

CPC’s Outreach Team is a group of experienced and dedicated CPC members who are subject matter experts on the organization and the work it does.

Team members perform public relations on behalf of CPC on an ad-hoc basis. Our team members are:

Members of the team use their personal, professional, and community connections to respond to and participate in community outreach opportunities, such as meeting with businesses and industry organizations to educate them about the benefits of career development programs for their workforce.

The team also works with CPC’s Executive Director to develop initiatives beyond outreach that promote and advance the field of career development. For example, some of our team members contributed their expertise to the development of the new pan-Canadian Competency Framework for CDPs.

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