CPC Ambassador Team

Got a question about CPC membership benefits, courses, or certification? Ask an Ambassador.

CPC’s Ambassador Program is an initiative to help new members become more knowledgeable about—and involved in—CPC’s initiatives, benefits, and programs. As Ambassadors, we inspire our members. We help them to believe in themselves. We help them to navigate the great and complex world of CPC!

CPC Ambassadors host Special Interest Groups (SIGs). These group events enable CPC members who share common interests to connect. The program helps members gain new resources, grow their network, and discuss topics of interest. Our Special Interest Groups are member-driven, enabling participants to help shape the format and direction of the groups. Download the handout and learn more about CPC's Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

If you would like to learn more about Career Professionals of Canada, our SIGs, programs, certifications, and/or courses, we invite you to connect directly with one of our regional Ambassadors.

We’re working together for YOUR success!