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Felisha Ali is a full-time Learning & Development Specialist and a part-time professor at Seneca College. She is a Career Development Practitioner (CDP), a member of Career Professionals of Canada, and volunteer.

In her full-time role, Felisha provides career development support for employees of Seneca College. In her part-time position as a professor, she teaches Career Planning. Felisha is dedicated to helping her colleagues and students succeed on their career paths. She is currently undertaking a Master of Education in Educational Leadership.

When she is not working, Felisha volunteers as a mentor helping new immigrants navigate the Canadian workforce by offering guidance on résumé writing, interview preparation, and job search strategies. She also loves to cook and is a mom to an intelligent 6-year-old who keeps her on her toes.

Would you like to create a video introducing yourself to the CPC community?

Our Members Matter program is designed to honour and celebrate our members and includes many initiatives—current and future—to give our members the recognition they deserve. We would love to feature you! If you are interested in recording your own introductory video, feel free to contact Felisha Ali, a member of CPC’s Communications Team, and she will be happy to help you get started. You can message Felisha through her CPC member profile.


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Felisha! Wonderful to see you in the first Members Matter video. I appreciate all that you share with members like me. Congratulations ?

Thanks Barb. I couldn’t have done it with all the support I get from all of you at CPC.

Great job Felisha! You nailed it. Members do matter at CPC.

I had an amazingly patient interviewer. Thank you Daisy!

Great video interview Felisha! So nice to learn about your story 🙂

Thank you Jill. I can honestly say that CPC and its members have boosted my confidence to do this.