Meet CPC Member Daisy Wright

By Cathy Milton.

Published author, prolific writer, teacher, counsellor, public speaker, sports enthusiast, woman of faith…

Daisy Wright Career Professionals of CanadaDaisy Wright could be called a modern renaissance woman – someone whose expertise and interests span a wide range of subject areas. A passion for personal growth and learning is a recurring theme in Daisy’s life and career.

After working in the corporate world for years, Daisy had reached a crossroads in her career when, out of frustration, she asked herself, “What’s next?” Drawing on her love of writing, and a background in public relations, she started WrightPerfect Resumes on a part-time basis in 1995. The same year, she began teaching part-time in the Executive Office Administration program at Sheridan College’s Brampton, Ontario campus. A few years later, the corporate world came calling again, but this time it was an opportunity that gave her the flexibility to continue her business. In 2004, WrightPerfect Resumes merged into The Wright Career Solution as a full time venture.

Daisy Wright Career Professionals of CanadaAsk Daisy what attracted her to this line of work, and she is very clear about the contributing factors. Having written resumes that garnered interviews and job offers for herself, friends, and colleagues, Daisy knew she was on to something. However, it was a short stint screening resumes in HR that solidified her future career path. Many of the resumes she reviewed were simply mirrors of job descriptions, and Daisy was confident that she could do a better job with them.

Clients and colleagues started reporting positive feedback about their resumes, and some began asking for assistance in other areas of their job search. Wanting to incorporate more than resume writing into her practice, yet knowing her limitations, Daisy enrolled in the post-graduate Career Development Practitioner program at Conestoga College. She cites that as one of the best career decisions she has ever made.

Next, Daisy earned her Certified Resume Strategist (CRS) designation through Career Professionals of Canada, the Certified Career Management Coach designation from Career Coach Academy, and Credentialed Career Manager certification through the US based Career Thought Leaders Consortium.

The Wright Career Solution serves aspiring managers, managers, and emerging executives by creating unique career marketing documents that help them tell their career stories and get hired faster. Social media profile development, and interview and career-specific coaching are also popular offerings of Daisy’s practice.

Daisy says that her line of work allows her to “love Mondays”, but more importantly, she delights in seeing the majority of her clients move into positions that they want, regaining their self-esteem and confidence in the process.

The specific aspect of Daisy’s work that gives her the most enjoyment is coaching. “A client’s job search encompasses more than a resume and cover letter, so even if someone comes to me for a basic resume package, I approach it from a coaching perspective. Where do you want to go? What do you bring to the table? How can we collaborate to make sure you are on the radar of your next employer?”

Daisy Wright Career Professionals of CanadaDaisy also enjoys helping new immigrants to Canada and this is what prompted her to write her book titled No Canadian Experience, Eh?

Daisy has several strategies for achieving relaxation and calm. Her faith is very important to her, and forms a part of her daily routine. Writing and reading are both relaxing activities, but Daisy says, “I’m not sure if I’m an avid reader or just a book collector since I have so many books yet to be read!” In addition, Daisy is a sports fanatic who can carry on an informed conversation about pretty much any sport.

Daisy has a long and rich association with Career Professionals of Canada. In fact, she is one of the founding members. Back in 2004, at the invitation of Sharon Graham, 13 professional career practitioners – Daisy included – met at Stage West in Mississauga, ON, to discuss establishing a distinctly Canadian professional association. At the end of the day, CPC was born.

Daisy is a member of the CPC Advisory Board and a judge for the annual Awards of Excellence competition. She is also a member of the CPC Communications Team, contributing content to the Career Club and LinkedIn Group.

For new career practitioners, Daisy advises joining professional associations, attending industry conferences, and attaining certifications. “Don’t be afraid to ask questions of other professionals, especially members of the CPC network who are ready-and-willing to offer advice. Take advantage of the resources your professional associations have – of particular note are CPC’s Mastermind Mentoring groups.

“Dare to be different. You don’t have to be a copycat of someone else.”

AdvisoryBoardCMCathy Milton is a CPC advisory board member who loves to write: fiction, non-fiction, and, of course, resumes. She is currently working towards a Certified Resume Strategist designation and, in the meantime, enjoys pursuing several volunteer activities with CPC.  Cathy lives in a 77-year old log cabin on a lake in the Kawartha Lakes region of Ontario with her husband, three dogs, and one rescue cat named Lucky.


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