Intensify your clients’ job search in December and give them a Happy New Year!


By Sharon Graham.

In this economic environment, a lengthy job search might be inevitable for even the most successful and experienced professionals. Searching for a job can be extremely frustrating even in the best of times, but especially during seasonal slowdowns, when opportunities seem to be scarce. The job search blues can invade a job seeker’s psyche without warning at any time and can completely drain him or her of self-confidence.

Don’t let the job search doldrums stop your clients from moving forward in the search. As we enter the month of December, this is a good time for them to regroup and regain an optimistic outlook.

This is not the time to add another month to your clients’ career transition efforts. The month of December creeps up quickly. No doubt, everyone should get into the holiday spirit by preparing and planning festivities, but don’t let this be an excuse for your clients to procrastinate.

Advise your clients to plan to escalate job search activities now. If they don’t start targeting employers early, they might lose this window of opportunity. It’s far more difficult to contact employers in the second half of the month when the holidays start in earnest.

Believe it or not – there are employers out there who want to close the deal with your clients now so that they are well positioned for next year and beyond. Since many businesses slow down, most industry leaders and employers will to have more time available to talk with job seekers. These key decision makers are making business plans, determining organizational objectives, and developing their human resources strategies. This means that they are currently planning headcount, allocating open job postings, and thinking about new employees for the upcoming year.

  • This season, remind your clients to keep important networking contacts in mind, too. Advise them to purchase a small box of holiday cards and go through their database of business contacts. It’s advisable to send a card to key contacts – industry leaders and decision makers with whom they would like to reconnect.
  • Business socialization escalates in December. If your clients are invited to networking meetings and parties at local businesses or associations, suggest that they do their best to attend. Remind them to put their best foot forward throughout the celebrations. Stay sober, professional, and focused to make the best impression possible.
  • Most of your clients’ colleagues have a more flexible and open schedule in December. Rather than scheduling formal business meetings, they should think about inviting their most important connections to an informal one-on-one holiday chat over coffee. Better yet, they can take the initiative to initiate a small networking get-together to connect their colleagues, build mutually beneficial relationships, and create friendships between like-minded people.
  • If your clients are not vigilant, another year will creep up very quickly. If some contacts are unable to meet with your clients now, they should start to schedule appointments for January

This December, do not let your clients hide inside their homes even if they are not feeling all that joyful. This upcoming season is one of generosity, compassion, and connection. If you notice a client’s confidence slipping, take extra steps to help. Sometimes, all it takes is an understanding person to listen to concerns, provide support, and help the person regain some momentum.

In order to perform an effective search, job seekers need to stay optimistic. You can help that to happen. Get your clients ready for an excellent new year!

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