How Client Attraction Marketing Works

Grow your customer base, magnet attracting new clients

I am a specialist in “Client Attraction” because I find that this form of marketing is the least expensive and most powerful way to grow a business.

I have been doing what I do for many years and sadly, I have seen way too many business professionals struggle to bring in more clients and to build thriving businesses.

I see good people leaving their chosen professions every day because they are unaware of ways to get a steady stream of good clients. It is all so unnecessary. If only they had taken the time to learn marketing strategies that actually work.

Unfortunately, they wind up spinning their wheels and going nowhere. They are doing everything under the sun they think they should do to get clients instead of concentrating their efforts where they belong: on getting clients to come to them.

Let’s look at how client attraction works. Instead of becoming a nuisance by pushing yourself on people who may or may not be in the market for your services at the time you’re sending your marketing message, client attraction allows you to “pull” potential customers towards you in an incredibly powerful way.

With this type of marketing, you are not trying to “sell” yourself, your product, or your services to anyone. Instead, your aim is to become so incredibly “attractive” that your prospect is drawn to you as a bee is drawn to a flower. Master the strategies of client attraction marketing and you can virtually become a “client magnet.”

There are a number of low-cost strategies involved in client attraction, but to me, it all starts with knowing your craft. This means embarking on a journey that includes:

These are all opportunities to learn and to grow both personally and professionally.

Why, you might wonder, in an article about marketing, am I devoting so much ink to learning and honing your craft? Because when you know what you’re doing, you become attractive to those in your target market. When you don’t know what you’re doing, all the marketing in the world won’t help you land and keep enough customers to stay in business.

Remember, you are on a journey and each of you is marking different mileposts along the way. Like all journeys, it takes time to reach your destination.

Keep your goals in sight. Do not stop learning. Be patient with the process. Celebrate your accomplishments and understand that whether you are a neophyte or a seasoned veteran, you need to get the word out about your services.

How do you do that without spending a fortune? It’s really very simple:

  • Stop trying to be all things to all people and you will attract more clients.
  • Become a specialist and not a generalist and you will attract more clients.
  • Target a distinct market segment and you will attract more clients.
  • Become clear on who your ideal client is and you will attract more clients.
  • Team up with others to create strong alliances and you will attract more clients.
  • Follow up in a timely manner and you will attract more clients.
  • Refer to others and you will attract more clients.
  • See and be seen and you will attract more clients.
  • Establish yourself as an expert and you will attract more clients.
  • Put powerful systems in place and you will attract more clients.
  • Stop giving your services away and you will attract more clients.
  • Believe in yourself and you will attract more clients.

Bottom Line: Shift your thinking from “attack” to “attract” and you will “Attract Clients Galore.” ()

(C) Copyright Leni Chauvin, The Client Attraction Coach™. All rights reserved. Reproduced with permission. 

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