Happy Canada Day!

Canadian flag with silhouette of Parliament Buildings. Happy Canada Day!

By Cathy Milton.

Yesterday, as I waited for my Mom while she attended a doctor’s appointment, I had the opportunity to read through the current edition of Maclean’s. The magazine was packed with interesting stories.

One of those stories celebrated the 50-year anniversary of the enactment of Bill C-150, which brought major reform to Canada’s criminal code. Canadians whose lives were impacted by Bill C-150’s changes share their experiences with Maclean’s, and one of those people – a Syrian refugee – is pictured marching with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Toronto’s Pride Parade. That single picture caused me to reflect on what an amazing country we live in and how its greatness should absolutely not be taken for granted.

With Canada’s 152nd birthday just days away, it’s timely to celebrate everything that makes our country THE place to be. Here’s my list of reasons for loving Canada:

Natural Beauty

We have the opportunity to enjoy beautiful scenery, from coast to coast to coast. Tourists flock to Canada for this very reason, too, with 20 million visitors having made our country their destination of choice in 2018.


Canadians enjoy – and are guaranteed – many fundamental rights and freedoms related to government, religion, language, personal thought and expression, to name just a few.

Public Health Care

We have access to free health care that’s based on need, not the ability to pay.


Canada ranks among the top countries in the world for being a safe and secure place to live.


Canada’s inclusive, welcoming, and vibrant culture provides rich opportunities to enjoy diversity in the arts, sports, cuisine, etc.

Educational Opportunities

From free public education to some of the top-ranked institutions of higher learning, Canada has it all.

Business and Job Opportunities

With an economy that continues to be stable, Canada offers many opportunities for job seekers, career-changers, entrepreneurs, and newcomers to the country. Of course, all of these folks will continue to be supported by a very special, skilled, and caring group of Canadians known as career professionals!

Incredible Cities

Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal all make it into the top 20 of the 50 most livable cities in the world, as ranked by the The Economist Intelligence Unit.

I could easily go on, but I won’t. Instead, let me ask you: what are YOUR reasons for loving Canada? Let us know in the comments below!

Happy Canada Day!

Photo by Monam on Pixabay



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