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Wondering which  jobs are growing and which will be going in the next decade? This infographic extrapolates information from three reputable sources. It offers a projection of North American industries and jobs that you should keep an eye on. Please note that all data, dollar values, and statistics are US-based. When making decisions related to the Canadian labour market, you should always perform further regional-specific research.

Industries that are growing:

  • Construction
  • Offices of health practitioners
  • Employment services
  • Nursing and residential care facilities
  • Home health care services

Industries in decline:

  • Textile mills and textile product mills
  • Miscellaneous manufacturing
  • Apparel manufacturing
  • Newspaper, periodical, book and directory publishers
  • Postal Service

Jobs that didn’t exist a decade ago:

  • App developer, Average salary: $91,000
  • Market research data miner, Average salary: $81,000
  • Educational and admissions consultant, Average salary: $55,000
  • Millennial generational expert, Average salary: $75,000
  • Social media manager, Average salary: $59,000

Jobs on the rise:

  • Industrial-organization psychologist, Average salary: $83,580
  • Personal care aides, Average salary: $19,910
  • Home health aides, Average salary: $20,820
  • Mechanical insulation workers, Average salary: $39,170
  • Interpreters and translators, Average salary: $45,430
  • Diagnostic medical sonographers, Average salary: $65,860
  • Brickmason assistants, Average salary: $28,220
  • Occupational therapy assistants, Average salary: $53,240
  • Genetic counselors, Average salary: $56,800
  • Physical therapist assistants, Average salary: $52,160

Jobs in decline:

  • Motion picture projectionists
  • Postal carriers
  • Textile cutting machine operators
  • Semiconductor processors
  • Postal Service mail sorters/processors
  • Log graders/scalers
  • Postal Service clerks
  • Shoe machine operators
  • Locomotive firers
  • Tree fallers

jobs of the future

Graphic Courtesy of Affordable-Online-Colleges.net

1. http://www.bls.gov
2. http://www.forbes.com
3. http://www.indeed.com

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