5 Necessities for Navigating the Changing World of Work

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No one has a crystal ball to predict what the world of work will look like in the future. Labour market trends and developments keep evolving and external events continue to influence the world we live in — from globalization to the unpredictable economy, global health concerns, new technologies, and emerging and growing industries. Yet, we each have our own vision of what the changing world of work means and what it brings to our lives. As I’ve conducted my own introspective reflections over the last two years, I’ve come up with five essential things needed for successfully navigating the ever-changing world of work. And, of the five, I believe emotional intelligence is the most important.

As a career professional practicing during the pandemic, you might have deployed new strategies or featured new service offerings to propel your business to the next level. Ironically, out of uncertainty arises a chance to spark new ideas, draw out new gifts and talents, and refine our purpose in helping clients meet diverse challenges and career goals. We begin to envision the possible from the impossible and see the “little miracles” that begin to show up each day because of gratitude and optimism. As an additional benefit, our emotional intelligence (EQ) is enhanced.

“As my mind can conceive of more good, the barriers and blocks dissolve. My life becomes full of little miracles popping up out of the blue.”Louise L. Hay

Five nuggets of self-knowledge that you need to navigate the changing world of work — and help your clients do the same —  include:

1. Know Your Value

If you know your value and what sets you apart, you will better understand your purpose, which will give you a greater sense of meaning. Knowing your value will guide you to set clear goals and adopt an action plan that is aligned with various market shifts.

2. Know Your Why

Simon Sinek emphasizes the “Golden Circle“and how many people know the “what” and “how” of their operations, but the critical factor they fail to know is their “why.” Do you know your “why?” Has this changed over the past year or so ? Understanding this key foundational piece will help you to maximize your results and stay solid in the face of tough times while enabling you to see your business from a whole new perspective.

3. Know Your Target Market

This is a good year to assess who the clients are that you serve best and who will benefit the most from your specific expertise. What audience do you work most effectively with? What audience is most drawn to your expertise? Understanding the scope of your market will allow you to deliver greater value in that niche and support jobseekers with specific challenges.

4. Know and Believe in Yourself

The more that you appreciate your strengths, and understand how to translate your weaknesses into strengths, the more equipped you will be to handle complex situations. Renowned psychologist Professor Albert Bandura talks about the fundamental importance of believing in your capabilities to be able to manage a variety of situations. He believes there is unprecedented value in self-efficacy. Self-efficacy can be developed and strengthened by celebrating your successes, observing and learning from the success of others, seeking out positive affirmations, and being aware of your thoughts and emotions so you can manage them.

5. Know How to Maximize Your EQ

Emotional intelligence — often referred to as EQ (emotional quotient) — is described as “the ability to identify and manage one’s own emotions as well as the emotions of others.” This marketable skill is sought after by employers because EQ will determine if a candidate can recover from adversity, solve complex problems, build team spirit, and manage stress. Emotional intelligence involves awareness, but also regulation, and can be broken down into self-awareness, self-management, motivation, empathy, and social skills. Understanding your EQ can help you to grow both personally and professionally.

Emotional Intelligence is Your Compass

Emotional intelligence can be viewed as a “compass” that will help us navigate the changing world of work. It is the ingredient that needs to be unleashed to tune into and gauge the whirlwind of emotions that are experienced during challenging situations. High EQ can give you clarity, focus, and direction.

Your EQ is Higher Than You Think!

This year, many of us have found ourselves drawing upon high-level emotional intelligence to handle transitions. Yet, you may have underestimated your ability to thrive through constant transition. If you have had to step back and calmly reassess situations from a rational perspective, you have channelled your EI! If you have translated obstacles into opportunities for growth and innovation rather than giving into emotionalism, this is another example of harnessing EI. If you have found yourself transforming your sombre mood into a positive one to stay focused and productive throughout the day, you have tapped into your EI. If you have been able to manage the stresses of work and personal responsibilities while staying balanced throughout chaos, then acknowledge your skill in leveraging EI!

This past year, I have witnessed the priceless value of EI in both my work and personal life. I have also seen clients successfully navigate multiple transitions with optimism and faith. As career professionals, let’s be proud of all that we have accomplished so far and the milestones we will continue to achieve that make a difference.

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Lori Jazvac is a passionate, award-winning Master Certified Résumé Strategist and Certified Employment Strategist through Career Professionals of Canada. As a multi-certified Master Résumé Writer and Certified Career Transition Coach, she specializes in helping clients navigate challenging career transitions. In 2013, an empowering vision inspired Lori to launch Creative Horizons Communications, a holistic career services firm where she virtually supports jobseekers around the globe to embrace their next career milestone. In her spare time, Lori enjoys dance, blogging, watching comedies and reality shows, yoga, and taking long walks in nature.

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This is and excellent read Lori.

Appreciate your helpful feedback, Gayle!

Thank you Lori! Lots of good self reflection happening on my end. ?

Hi Barb, thank you for your valuable feedback!

Great information. I will share with clients.
Debra Marshall