Why Ethics are Crucial to Delivering Career Services in Today’s Market

Standards and Guidelines

By Lori Jazvac.

Have you ever found yourself in a perplexing situation where you had to choose between your client’s interests and your professionalism and integrity? In fact, you may have been faced with a few different potential choices and asked yourself, “Am I making the right choice in this particular situation?” and, “How will my choice affect the outcome for my client, my practice, and other stakeholders?”

Self-Reflection on Ethical Dilemmas

  • Do you recall writing the first draft of a resume to be told later by the client about some half-truths in the resume that were intended to get past the screening process?
  • Have you been asked by a client or career practitioner for guidance or assistance on a project that surpassed your particular scope or level of expertise?
  • Have you ever encountered a difficult client who needed urgent assistance with their job search but did not appreciate the true value of working with a career/resume strategist?

Many career practitioners will be faced with the need to come up with answers to such challenging questions, forcing them to re-evaluate their conduct and re-consider both their short-term and long-term strategy of business practice.

What these situations all have in common is that they point to a simple keyword that often necessitates morally sound decision-making – ETHICS.

The Importance of Ethics and Integrity in Career Services

Ethics and integrity are, in fact, the cornerstones of a career practice. These factors are critical to your success and to the success of your clients. As career practitioners, we are bound by a strict Code of Ethics based on a competency model that outlines professional behaviour, interpersonal competence, career development knowledge, and needs assessment and referral.

The only way to abide by ethical practices is to expect the highest standards from yourself , as well as your clients, before you begin the work. By discussing this issue beforehand with your clients, you will promote clearly established ethical practices. As a result, you will help clients foster greater success while earning their respect and trust. You will also build credibility and stronger relationships with clients and other career professionals.

Keeping ethics at the centre of your career practice will ensure that you set clear guidelines for effective decision-making in the best interests of all relevant parties involved. It will also help keep you striving for continuous improvement by upholding the highest standards set by the career industry and developing and maintaining essential core competencies.

Tips for Maintaining Ethical Practices

  • Keep the formal guidelines posted nearby for reference; maintain an ethical practice.
  • Periodically conduct a thorough self-audit to ensure that your competencies are aligned with the professional standards established set by the industry. Investigate the level of ethics employed in your career practice and its impact on certain outcomes.
  • Consult other career practitioners for feedback on managing ethical dilemmas and challenges.
  • Follow your instincts along with sound logic on best practices.
  • Keep improving your knowledge and staying updated with the latest career development trends and best practices. Improve your professionalism by working towards your CCDP certification. Becoming certified will validate your competency and expertise in strategic career services and boost your credibility within the Canadian market and internationally.
  • Maintain an honest commitment to enhance the value you provide to your clients.

From time to time, we may encounter situations that require us to re-assess our values and principles. However, by complying with the Canadian Standards and Guidelines for Career Development Practitioners and exercising strong moral principles, we will confidently enhance our development while setting a good example for our clients, fellow career practitioners, and community stakeholders.

To learn more about ethics in career practices, view course-related information starting soon on Career Development Foundations (Ethics & Theory).

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