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WCG team members are supported and expected to work as part of a team aligned with a shared goal of providing high quality service to clients, employers, the community and the Ministry. Each WCG team member uses strong communication and coordination skills and shares knowledge to work impactfully within a cross functional team of WCG staff and service delivery partners responsible for excellence in client service. All team members are responsible for the quality of our face to face and virtual interactions, for the promotion of WorkBC services, for providing outreach to various locations in the catchment and for supporting community engagement activities. At WCG, we are flexible and agile and we prioritize client service while ensuring contract and policy compliance – this is reflected in our day to day tasks, our scheduling and our support of one another. Strong relationships, developed and maintained through mutual respect and caring, characterize our team.

The Employment Counsellor assists Clients to find and maintain employment. This role ensures successful outcomes for the Client while ensuring all contract deliverables are achieved. While this role is responsible for their case load, all Service Team members will provide support, creating a team around the individual. Case Management is a collaborative process between the Employment Counsellor and a Client. This role will work with the Client and provide ongoing support to the Client as they progress to achieve goals and objectives in the Client’s Action Plan. The process of Case Management involves developing a positive relationship with the Client, encouraging, motivating and supporting the Client to achieve sustainable employment, and increase independence and self-sufficiency as appropriate for each Client. Key factors in Case Management include helping Clients build confidence, become self-motivated and recognize and build their skills, strengths and abilities.


Case Management:

  • Conduct a Client Needs Assessment with eligible Clients, as the first step in Action Plan development and Case Management in order to understand and document the Client’s employment-related strengths, needs, abilities, skills and other relevant employment-related factors to determine the Client’s level of employment readiness and employment service needs.
  • Develop and revise action plans, in accordance with Ministry Policy, for every Client accepted for Case Management, collaborating with the Client and reaching agreement on the objectives, Services, activities and tasks recorded in the Action Plan.
  • Overall responsibility for the management of assigned Client case files in the primary information system used within the program (ICM), this includes, documenting Client processes, eligibility determination, and tracking and recording Client progress and results.
  • Gain the Client’s commitment and engagement to fully participate in Case Management and develop an Action Plan and work with Clients to create, update and revise action plans. Collaborate with other organizations as necessary to coordinate a Client’s Action Plan Services and Financial Supports. Support and monitor the progress of each Case Managed Client by reviewing the Client’s progress with the Client and comparing it against the Client’s Action Plan;
  • Support Clients with awareness and navigation support, including accessing community resources specified in their Action Plans, including facilitating and following up on referrals as appropriate.
  • Perform Client monitoring while participating in specialized services (includes liaison with specialized members of the service delivery team) in order to verify client engagement, ensure documentation requirements are being completed, and to perform general oversight activities)
  • Upon a Client being ready to commence a job search, work with the Client to create an individualized job search plan.
  • Support assigned Clients to conduct activities or receive supports as outlined within their job search plan. This includes facilitating Client supports and job interviews and supporting the Client to negotiate the terms of their employment with the support of specialized members of the service delivery team.
  • Provide individualized Job Sustainment support to Clients and employers when the Client requires on-the-job support and guidance to successfully maintain their employment, work experience, or community attachment

Other Services:

  • Provide services to Clients in a manner that is welcoming, safe and professional and ensures that their privacy rights are protected. Service is to be in accordance with Contract performance requirements to support that Client in achieving the highest level of Labour Market Attachment and self-sufficiency possible for the Client.
  • Stay up-to-date on any other programs or funding sources that Clients may access to provide any Client with information the Client may require to apply for those programs or funding sources.
  • Stay up-to-date about other potential employment program options for Clients, and support Clients as needed to access them as appropriate and when eligible.
  • Attend presentations at local Job Fairs and other employer related networking opportunities
  • Participate in the hosting of community and employer events
  • Research and identify employers and sector opportunities on behalf of clients
  • Communicate opportunities to staff related to opportunities, such as labour market specific information

And other duties as required, including going beyond job description to help colleagues or to do work related to other roles whenever necessary



  • Demonstrated experience in conducting and interpreting Client Needs Assessments; coaching and mentoring Clients; working with individuals with complex barriers and a broad range of cultural backgrounds; working with individuals from a variety of Inclusion Groups; and building partnerships with employers, community agencies, and other stakeholders
  • Successful track record helping Clients to overcome barriers to employment
  • Experience in the development and support of appropriate employment-specific training opportunities for program clients
  • Knowledge of the local labour market, community resources, government programs, job search techniques, career development and issues relating to unemployment
  • Ability to establish a good match between a Client’s skill set and abilities, and the needs of an employer
  • Excellent documentation and report writing skills, as well as in interviews/assessments, professional resume writing, vocational counselling, and individualized goal-setting and planning
  • Strong digital literacy including social media and Microsoft Office Suite
  • Solid understanding of confidentiality and other professional codes of conduct; must submit for a criminal record check
  • Ability to work outside require business hours, including in shifts, evenings, and Saturdays
  • A valid driver’s license and a reliable vehicle as well as the flexibility and the ability to work in different locations in the catchment


  • Proficiency in French and/or other languages in addition to English
  • Experience with Ministry and other online tools such as ICM and online employment services


  • Post-secondary certificate, degree or diploma in a relevant field (e.g. career or employment development, vocational rehabilitation, social work, psychology, sociology, human services, counselling, education, or human resources management) preferred
  • CCDP preferred

How to Apply

Please note that only applications received via our website will be considered.