Earning prospects for Canadian graduates: 20 Year Study

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Statistics Canada just reported the results of a new study providing insight to the Cumulative Earnings of Postsecondary Graduates Over 20 Years. The report followed 15,000 graduates over two decades (1991 to 2010) to determine short- and long term income prospects.

The early educational decisions of our youth affect their career development throughout their life. Decisions on pursuing post-secondary education or training in the trades have a significant impact on their earning potential. This report shows that post-secondary graduates tend to fare better in terms of labour force participation, unemployment, and earnings than those with lower levels of education.

Cumulative Earnings Report Highlight – Median cumulative earnings from 1991 to 2010 show that Bachelor’s degree and college graduates earned considerably more than did high school graduates.



Bachelor’s degree College certificate High school diploma Bachelor’s degree College certificate High school diploma
$ 1,517,200 $ 1,137,000 $ 882,300 $ 972,500 $ 643,200 $ 458,900

Sources: Statistics Canada, 1991 Census–Longitudinal Worker File and CANSIM table 326-0021.

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