Customer Service Magic

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By Stephanie Clark.

In my past, corporate life, excited about the possibility of a new role—driving customer service initiatives in a large municipality—I began a course of self-study. Although I didn’t land that position, researching the topic gave my own service delivery a boost!

One of the books I read was “Be Our Guest: Perfecting the Art of Customer Service.” Did you know that Disney has hosted professional development programs to major organizations since 1986? The Disney Institute instructs best business practices in categories including people management, processes, communications, and setting. They know that Tinker Bell’s magic alone doesn’t offer an integrated strategy for attracting customers.

Even though as self-employed career practitioners we most often work alone with little, if any, face-to-face business, we undoubtedly must serve our clientele with undivided attention, individual dedication, and with virtual “kid glove” treatment. Why? Besides making life more pleasant, it’s good for business. Research shows that every 2% increase in service results in 1% increase in revenues.

There are “easy-peasy” service-enhancers that don’t take a lot of time or money; oftentimes requiring only an attitude shift. For an in-depth look at customer service, join CPC’s Teleclass on November 3rd at 1pm. Transform your service with a little magic!

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