CPC’s New Member Referral Program: Give Referrals – Get Rewards!


By Adrienne Tom.

When I first started searching for a Canadian career association to join, several people mentioned Career Professionals of Canada. Their positive recommendations and insights made a big difference in my adrienne-tom-and-jennifer-millerdecision to invest in membership. That was five years ago and the return on my membership investment has been incredible!

In return, I regularly share CPC’s benefits with others. I promote the value of the membership community, the resources CPC offers to support my professional development, and the opportunities the association has afforded me as a Canadian career pro.

Career Professionals of Canada brings together like-minded professionals who in turn enjoy attracting new members to our career community. Word-of-mouth helps a lot.

People are naturally compelled to try something once someone they know and trust recommends it. Speaking highly of things we like or enjoy drives up engagement and buy-in.

CPC Member Referral Program

As a member of CPC, your experience matters too! Help us build a culture of brand ambassadors and get the word out to potential members about this amazing association. For your efforts, you will be rewarded through CPC’s new Member Referral Program.

The Member Referral Program is designed to thank current members – like you – for promoting your positive CPC experiences and introducing new people to the association. When someone you refer signs up as a new member, you will receive a one-month extension to your own membership.

There are no limits to how many membership extensions you can receive, so don’t be shy, share your knowledge of CPC with a potential new member today and you can BOTH reap rewards!

Simply remind all contacts that when filling out the application form, they should enter YOUR name as the CPC member who referred them. Alternatively, you can introduce your referrals to CPC’s Executive Director, Sharon Graham, via email.

Help us promote Career Professionals of Canada. Share your insights. Endorse your experience. Together let’s increase the value for members, the profession, and the association!

Photo: Career Professionals of Canada Members Adrienne Tom and Jennifer Miller

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Great article Adrienne. I always share on LinkedIn and Twitter.