CPC’s Bright Future

CPC's bright future as a not-for-profit represented by a crystal ball

As Career Professionals of Canada embarks on its first fiscal year as Canada’s national, not-for-profit career development association, members of the board of directors share their thoughts about CPC’s bright future.

Dorothy Keenan

This is the start of a new chapter for Career Professionals of Canada! CPC continues to evolve and grow. I became a member in 2014, and at that time, we had 350 members; now we are on the cusp of having 1000 members. What an achievement! As of December 1, 2022, CPC officially started its first fiscal year as a non-profit association.  This is a very generous gift from Sharon Graham, our Executive Director, to the members. In 2004, Sharon had the vision to create an organization that would bring together career professionals across Canada, and she made that a reality. Many people talk about creating a national organization, but few make it happen.

This organization has allowed me to learn, grow, and meet people from across Canada who share my interest in career development. The upcoming year will be an exciting year for CPC as the organization continues to respond to the needs of its members.

In 2023, CPC, in response to our members, will be adding new courses and will be launching our Special Interest Groups (SIGs): Advanced Independent Résumé Writers, Secondary and Post-Secondary Career Advisors, Working with Women, and New Entrepreneurs. The Special Interest Groups are yet another way for our members to connect with individuals who share common interests from across Canada. They are another benefit of being a CPC member.

I encourage you to get involved and reach out to members who work in other parts of the country; you will be amazed to discover the diversity and quality of work happening across Canada. What you get from your CPC membership is up to you. We have free events, paid events, meetups, and learning events.

I look forward to seeing what the new year brings to CPC.

Gabrielle LeClair

Transitioning to a non-profit is a true gift to CPC’s current membership, as well as to the career development profession as a whole. Becoming a non-profit ensures that Career Professionals of Canada will continue to serve our current and future members well into the future, providing a home where CDPs can build their credentials, gain networking contacts, and increase their credibility, all in a supportive community of like-minded professionals.

Barb Penney

CPC has a history of pioneering new programs in the career development profession. A virtual organization from the beginning, it’s remarkable what CPC founder and Executive Director Sharon Graham and a small team of dedicated volunteers and staff accomplished before advanced technology was available. Tele-networking sessions, tele-classes, an online Career Club Forum, and more have been transformed and modernized to meet the needs of today’s career professionals. CPC now offers members a highly regarded awards program, 5 career development e-guides, 11 virtual (24/7) courses, an SEO-optimized website, CPC LinkedIn and Facebook Groups, volunteer opportunities, and free promotion through member videos and a searchable and customizable member directory.

With membership support at the forefront of our purpose and mission, the not-for-profit CPC has an obligation to listen closely to our members and learn how we can continue to create opportunities to gain contacts, credentials, and credibility within the field. Our members will inform our direction and help us advance their careers. We are in this together. What shall we pioneer next?

Cathy Milton

I learned about Career Professionals of Canada from a friend. She learned about our outstanding association through a college professor as she was pursuing her Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) designation at night school. That was back in 2010. At the time, I knew nothing about the career development sector. In fact, I was a “third-ager” in transition and thought I might like to start a private résumé writing practice.

From day one, every CPC member I met was friendly, welcoming, and very generously willing to share their knowledge and experience. I have learned SO much through CPC — more than I ever thought my head could hold — and I realize that there is still so much more to explore and learn.

I tell this personal story only to provide the backdrop for why I’m so thrilled that CPC has transitioned to a not-for-profit association for careerpros. Our new status ensures the organization will exist in perpetuity, so people like me, and many others, will have the opportunity to join CPC. Under the guidance of our executive director and board, members will continue to enjoy and benefit from exceptional programs, professional development opportunities, and a warm, inclusive community of practice. CPC’s perpetual existence is especially meaningful and satisfying for Sharon and all those who have contributed and worked so hard to build up our social enterprise. Their passion for helping others learn and grow will live on, long after they’ve moved on to new adventures.

Erika Mendonça-DeSilva

As a long-time member, volunteer, and mega supporter of CPC, I am excited about the future. Our new status as a not-for-profit association ensures we’ll continue to empower members to advance in their careers and grow their businesses through offering rich professional development opportunities and valuable, diverse resources.

With a culture of purposeful kindness, inclusivity, and engagement, this volunteer-driven organization makes a difference in many ways within the career development profession. For members, it creates opportunities to grow our networks and earn professional certifications, leading to credibility within the field. CPC is always looking for innovative ways to support its members, be it through learning, leading, recognition (Awards of Excellence), or its Facebook and LinkedIn groups that serve the community at large. CPC is a caring, sharing, and purpose-driven community of practice whose members are making an impact within the career development field. I am proud of how CPC raises its members up and enables them to grow and thrive. Looking forward to many more years!

Felisha Ali

I am very excited to see what the future holds for CPC as we launch into our first fiscal year as a not-for-profit association! I foresee Career Professionals of Canada leaving a deeper footprint on the Canadian career development sector as we work hard to establish our association as the place to be for careerpros. The focus for 2023 is on advancing our career development community of practice, leveraging the exceptional knowledge and skills our members possess, and boosting credibility by living our mission, culture, and values.

Our members in all provinces and territories have grown and sharpened their skills, and they will continue to benefit from CPC’s member-run, volunteer-driven social enterprise. Our new not-for-profit status guarantees this will continue to be true far into the future.

When CPC says “we’re working together for your career success,” we mean it. Members really are at the heart of everything we do. One example is the opportunity for members to elevate their profiles by recording and submitting an introductory video, which will be featured on the CPC website. Members Matter is a program designed to honour and celebrate members, and to give them the recognition they deserve.

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I became a member in 2012. When I moved overseas in 2014, I wasn’t sure how my membership could possibly help me in another country. Soon, my CPC designations helped me secure a consulting role with a Middle-east-based pre-arrival program to support soon-to-be immigrants to Canada. 
A few years later, I started my own career coaching business. Recently the focus of my practice has been on offering Canadian-style resume-writing services to prospective immigrants. 
Though I live outside Canada, my 10+ year membership with the CPC has been tremendously helpful (and relevant) in so many ways!