CPC Membership: A High Return on Investment

By Adrienne Tom.

There is a reason that CPC has grown its membership by 30% in the last year!

Career Professionals of Canada (CPC) attracts professionals from coast to coast.   Are you a current member?  If not, we encourage you to learn more about the enormous benefits that this member-run, volunteer-driven social enterprise offers career pros.

A variety of programs and services brings people together from all sectors of the career field.   Regardless if you are an independent career professional or an employed practitioner working in non-profit, post-secondary, human resources, or a corporate environment, there are plenty of resources at CPC tailored towards your unique professional or business development needs.

A membership with Career Professionals of Canada offers a high return on investment. For example, are you:

  • Seeking a way to get engaged in the Canadian career community?
  • Looking to grow your network and increase connections?
  • Wanting to build your credentials and raise your credibility as a career practitioner?
  • Searching for a way to attract new work, earn more business, and open more doors?

In addition to many long-standing member offerings, Career Professionals of Canada continues to innovate and expand.  In the last year alone, CPC has:

  • Awarded 77 certifications to qualifying professionals in resume, interview, career, and employment strategy.
  • Received 46 nominations and awarded winners in 12 Awards of Excellence categories.
  • Run 16 courses with graduates receiving certificates in Career Development Ethics, Career Development Theory, Employment Interview Coaching, Career Transition Consulting, and Resume Development.
  • Run 10 tele-networking sessions, real-time forum chats, and community meet-ups to connect members from across the nation.
  • Hosted 10 webinars on topics spanning business development, military career transition, resume design, and more.
  • Held its 8th successful Mastermind Mentoring Group with professionals from across the nation completing the program.
  • Launched a new member referral program to reward current members with free membership extensions.
  • Forged new connections with career professionals in Northern Canada, securing a Northern Regional Ambassador for the association.

CPC is the place to be!  These exact advantages have been attained by many of our members.  Here are just a few of their stories, sharing how CPC has been a well-made investment. These member stories demonstrate that by joining our social enterprise you’ll increase your connections, enhance your expertise, and raise your visibility:

 “I have been a proud member with Career Professionals of Canada (CPC) since 2006. Since that time, CPC has had a significant influence in elevating opportunities for personal and business development, while assisting me in advancing my skills as a career professional. This has led to a steady progression in my personal career as a practitioner in this field and more importantly the success of my clients.  I am without a doubt a better-rounded professional who is certainly more accountable in my work as a result of having become a member.”

Wayne Pagani (member since 2006)

“For me, the benefits of membership with CPC have been profound. Not only have I discovered a world of other like-minded professionals across Canada, but I am provided with valuable professional development opportunities. Awards of Excellence, publication prospects, certifications, virtual conferences, live chats and webinars, just to name a few.  As an entrepreneur, the strength of my business lies in the value CPC membership affords me. From the comfort of my virtual office, I can stay current and knowledgeable about the trends affecting my business and my clients across Canada. The investment is minimal compared to the rewards.”

Skye Berry-Burke (member since 2009)

 “I have been a member of several other associations that I received very little support or development form. This has not been the case with CPC !  At Career Professionals of Canada I have improved my skills, met amazing individuals who are working all across the country, and gained a whole network of people who I would have otherwise never met.”

Dorothy Keenan (member since 2014)

“Career Professionals of Canada has proven to be a generous, competent, and professional community spanning the entire country.  It is a one-of-a-kind Canadian career network which has afforded me lasting relationships that are truly in service to my clients”.

Maureen Farmer (member since 2009)

Upcoming events and activities for the remainder of 2017 include CPC’s 2017 Awards of Excellence and the ongoing Career Development Practitioner Certificate Program (CDP), which helps professionals work towards their provincial or territorial CCDP designation.

For access to all of this – and more – professional membership with CPC is a small price to pay!

If you are a career professional contemplating membership, please reach out!  We want to hear more about your unique professional development needs and learn how we can better serve you in this community.  There is a regional ambassador in your area who would love to connect with you and answer your questions, or feel free to contact the main office during regular business hours.

Our promise to you is that membership with CPC will pay for itself and then some.

Adrienne Tom, Career Professionals of Canada member since 2011



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