CPC Member of the Week: Lori Jazvac

Lori Jazvac

Lori Jazvac is an award-winning Master Certified Résumé Strategist, Career Transition Coach, and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Practitioner. Lori is an active CPC member who engages in tele-networking team lead/facilitation and content contribution roles, collaborating with fellow career professionals in brainstorming creative solutions to critical career issues. Her mission is helping downsized jobseekers land lucrative jobs and thrive in fulfilling careers. In 2013, a corporate restructuring propelled Lori to launch her own entrepreneurial career practice, Creative Horizons Communications. For the last ten years she has successfully supported diverse jobseekers globally in channeling their authentic purpose into empowering career moves. Lori’s most prized accomplishment was writing and publishing “The Secrets to Unlocking Your Soul Career” and “Yes, You Can Heal Your Career Journey!” CPC Members Matter!

CPC Members Matter!

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