CPC Member of the Week: Jean D’Souza

Jean D'Souza is CPC's Member of the Week

Jean D’Souza is a seasoned career development professional profoundly committed to helping students thrive in the Canadian job market. Currently serving as a Career Services and Coop Advisor at Northeastern University, Jean conducts career-focused workshops and delivers personalized one-on-one career coaching to a diverse range of individuals. Her illustrious career has spanned prestigious institutions and community organizations, allowing her to leverage extensive experience in both higher education and social services. As a Certified Career Strategist, Jean equips her clients with the latest and most effective career development strategies. Her dedication and expertise in the field earned her the prestigious “Best Job Developer” award from her graduating class, highlighting her outstanding contributions. Jean’s unwavering passion for empowering individuals in their career journeys sets her apart. CPC Members Matter!

CPC Members Matter!

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