CPC Member of the Week: David Owen

David Owen CPC Member

David Owen is program manager at Bredin Centre for Career Advancement and a college and university instructor. A scholar, award-winning playwright, director, and gamer, he recently had his first book published. It was the culmination of a several year journey that started with moving his family across the county to complete a PhD program at York University. David was encouraged to approach publishers regarding his dissertation. The first publisher he approached jumped at his book and a year later, he was holding a copy of Player and Avatar: The Affective Potential of Videogames. Since then, he has published two anthologies through the Playwrights Canada Press and the skills he learned as an editor have bolstered his career in not-for-profit career coaching in so many ways. As living proof of the power of transferable skills, he is now sought after for résumé and cover letter writing.

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