CPC Member of the Week: Catherine Carbonneau-Bergeron

CPC Member of the Week Catherine Carbonneau-Bergeron

Catherine Carbonneau-Bergeron is a dedicated guidance counsellor with over a decade of experience in Quebec’s education sector. She began her career in an adult learning centre and currently serves as a guidance counsellor in a public high school with a student population of over 1600. Catherine thrives in the dynamic and ever-changing nature of her work, finding joy in the energetic and creative atmosphere. Her true passion lies in assisting high school teenagers as they navigate the process of designing their future adult lives. Catherine’s most cherished accomplishment is helping students, particularly those with special education needs, build confidence by recognizing their unique strengths and incorporating them into realistic and fulfilling career projects. In addition to her counselling work, Catherine dedicates time to writing inspiring articles on self-awareness and career development, which have been published on notable websites such as CPC, CERIC, and Monemploi.com. Catherine firmly believes that CPC Members Matter!

CPC Members Matter!

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