CPC Member Appreciation – November 2016


CPC Member Snapshot: Dorothy Maciag-Zwolski is a Certified Career Management Professional, Certified Resume Strategist, and Employment Facilitation/Work Search Specialist.  With over 13 years of experience in facilitating interactive job search sessions, job coaching and career counseling, she has built key strengths in mentoring and group facilitation, with sensitivity to the needs of job seekers. As a Career Professional, Dorothy is a great communicator with outstanding interpersonal skills to who is exceptional at problem solving and deals effectively with clients at all levels.

Welcome to our new PROFESSIONAL Members:

  • Angie Wisk
  • Beth Lambert
  • Carlyn Rumohr
  • Cherie Wade
  • Christie Scales
  • Colleen Richardson
  • Dan Walmsely
  • Faith Uyinmwen
  • Jorge Lacerda
  • Nadine Doyle
  • Nathalie Melzer
  • Rachael Maxcy
  • Sally Simpson

Thank you to our renewing PROFESSIONAL Members:

  • Catherine LeBrun
  • Christine Cristiano
  • Christine Demcie
  • Joanne Robillard
  • Karen Kirk
  • Karine Touloumjian
  • Kristin Vandegriend
  • Nataisha Revoy
  • Shannon Mack
  • Vicki Martel

Congratulations to our newly CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL Members:

  • Beth Lambert, CCS
  • Christie Scales, CCS
  • Colleen Richardson, CCS
  • Dan Walmsely, CCS
  • Nadine Doyle, CCS
  • Nathalie Melzer, CCS
  • Paul Olson, CIS

Much gratitude goes to all our other volunteers who work diligently throughout the year!

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