CPC Member Appreciation – May 2016


CPC Member Snapshot: Lise Stransky truly believes that every individual is entitled to find meaningful work. Lise is a CPC Mastermind and a Certified Career Development Practitioner, dedicated to ensuring clients have the resources, knowledge, and support to make job and career decisions. Lise volunteers with CPC as a Chat Facilitator. You can also see many of her feature articles in CPC’s news feed.

Welcome to our new PROFESSIONAL Members:

  • Dinal Perera
  • Juliana de Souza
  • Mark Granger
  • Natalie MacLellan
  • Paul Olson
  • Timothy Power
  • Wendy Read

Thank you to our renewing PROFESSIONAL Members:

  • Cassandra Barnard-Cleghorn
  • Catherine Crawford
  • Elizabeth Schweitzer
  • Jane Zakreski
  • Jean Smith
  • Laura Frangella
  • Laura Mitchell
  • Lori Ann Jazvac
  • Shellie Deloyer

Congratulations to our newly CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL Members:

  • Holly Hagan, CRS
  • Marianne Mesch, CRS
  • Samantha Cabral, CRS
  • Sherry Dumont, CRS, CIS

Much gratitude goes to all our other volunteers who work diligently throughout the year!

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