CPC Member Appreciation – January 2008

CPC Career Professionals of Canada News

Vincent Lombardi once said; “The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual.”

CPC is proud to acknowledge the following individuals for being such an important part of this organization.

Welcome to our New Members:

  • Goldie Penner
  • Katharina Giesbrecht
  • Krysti Roehler
  • Leroy Murphy
  • Michelle Sereda
  • Naz Binck

Thank you to our Renewing Members:

  • Andrew Vujnovich
  • Colin Holbrow
  • Heather Erskine
  • Lynn Sharer
  • Marylee Corbin
  • Maureen McCann
  • Sandra Lim
  • Sue Edwards
  • Tanya Taylor
  • Wayne Pagani

Congratulations to our Newly Certified Members:

  • Susan Easton, CRS
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