CPC Member Appreciation – December 2014


“Having somebody that you admire and respect tell you that you’ve done something well, makes an enormous impact.”
~ Paulette Bourgeois – Canadian Author

Welcome to our new PROFESSIONAL Members:

  • Ashley Yuill
  • Garnet Ayres
  • Jennifer Mackey
  • Kat Oue

Thank you to our renewing PROFESSIONAL Members:

  • Audrey Taylor
  • Bev Braun-Allard
  • Carrie Wakeford
  • Howard Halpern
  • Iris Jacobson
  • Linda Simpson
  • Lisa Cartaginese
  • Pat Roberts
  • Rita Pittman
  • Vicki Martel

Congratulations to our newly CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL Members:

  • Adrian Schuurmans, CCS
  • Candice Deleurme, CRS
  • Jennifer Mackey, CCS
  • Ritu Ganju, CES

Much gratitude goes to all our other volunteers who work diligently throughout the year!

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