CPC Member Appreciation – April 2016


CPC Member Snapshot: Angelika Trinkwon develops uniquely branded marketing packages for her clients through resume and cover letter innovation. Her designations as a Certified Resume Strategist (CRS) and Certified Career Development Practitioner (CCDP) prove to be a winning combination for her clients. Her work is featured in Best Canadian Resumes – Third Edition and Best Canadian Cover Letters – Second Edition.

Welcome to our new PROFESSIONAL Members:

  • Bonnie Wong
  • Cem Turetken
  • Kim-Ann Samuda

Thank you to our renewing PROFESSIONAL Members:

  • Amy Bjerknes
  • Carole Marinier
  • Charmaine Johnson
  • Elizabeth Piergeti
  • Kathleen Weston
  • Kevin Schafer
  • Lori Rubinger
  • Marian Bernard
  • Maurice Williams
  • Meghan Plooy
  • Nicola Edwards
  • Pat Harper
  • Paul Oliveira
  • Philipa Hardy
  • Saima Zuberi
  • Sherry Dumont
  • Yanny Yeung
  • Zahra Hirji

Congratulations to our newly CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL Members:

  • Andy Senko, CRS
  • Bonnie Wong, CRS, CCS
  • David Leslie, CRS
  • Patricia Watson, CRS
  • Sukhjit Singh, CCS

Much gratitude goes to all our other volunteers who work diligently throughout the year!

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