Contingency Plans

CPC Career Development

By Stephanie Clark.

Actors have their favourite directors and vice versa. They recognize a compatibility between their styles, or personalities, which translates into an energetic synergy that seems to bridge the gap between screen and viewer. We viewers are then drawn into the story with such force that we watch the movie over and over to relive that “other world” experience. Amazing when that happens!

In our subdued world of career management, finding colleagues of similar working style and commitment to quality is also important. We may not get the recognition or rewards associated with a blockbuster movie, but still, in our little corner of the world, it is important. Certainly our clients will appreciate this.

Here are examples of when you need to rely on a colleague:

  1. There may be times when you are too busy to take on another client, or simply cannot meet the tight turnaround time the client requires. Nice to have a trusted colleague to refer a person to.
  2. Self-employed folk cannot book off a few days to attend a funeral or family emergency. You may have clients booked, but may be forced to find them alternative, but equal, resources.
  3. Every 10 years or so I am knocked right off my feet with a nasty flu. One year I spent three days in bed, rising only to visit the facilities and sip on some tea. Otherwise I was asleep, fighting a fever. Obviously, I couldn’t have served even a virtual client.

Contingency plans are important. When choosing one or two collaborative colleagues, choose ones that have similar service standards.

There’s one last little reason to develop these: they generate a bit of income with an agreed upon referral rate, which in our industry tends to be 10 or 15 percent. Called a passive stream of income, it can add up and comes in handy paying that monthly telephone, internet, website, etc bill!

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