Congratulations to our 2020 Awards of Excellence Recipients!

Awards of Excellence Program, Award Recipients

It is my pleasure to announce Career Professionals of Canada’s 2020 Awards of Excellence Program recipients. This year’s competition proved rigorous, as always. A record 72 candidates were selected from all the submissions received. I’d like to offer special thanks to our 2020 team of judges who were presented with the difficult challenge of selecting the recipients this year — this was not an easy task!

CPC’s membership comprises some of the very best in our profession. Please do send your congratulations to this year’s Awards of Excellence winners, honourable mentions, and nominees!

Outstanding Career Leader

Outstanding Career Professional

Outstanding Community Outreach Strategist

Outstanding Employment Interview Strategist

Outstanding Résumé – Career Change

Outstanding Résumé – Creative

Outstanding Résumé – Executive

Outstanding Résumé – Internationally Educated Professional (IEP)

Outstanding Résumé – New Graduate / Entry Level Professional

Outstanding Résumé – Technical

Outstanding Social Media Strategist

Outstanding Volunteer Contributors (Executive Director’s Awards)

This year, I am extremely pleased to award the Executive Director’s Award for Outstanding Volunteer Contribution to these exceptionally admirable members of Career Professionals of Canada. Each of these members has gone far above and beyond in supporting CPC in our initiatives. I am also pleased to award Honourable Mentions to five volunteer teams for completing outstanding work on behalf of CPC.


  • Michelle Precourt for her outstanding leadership and support of our members through the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic. Michelle stepped up to provide CPC members with mindfulness training through Zoom Support Calls. In addition, through Michelle’s proactive leadership, CPC’s Linked-In Group has grown to more than 3500 members.
  • Lori Jazvac for her thoughtful and consistent contributions to the CPC News Feed. When it comes to professional development, Lori walks the talk by continuously learning, growing, and innovating. She brings original ideas and unique content to all practitioners through her regular news posts.
  • Skye Berry for her ongoing support on CPC’s Certification Assessment Team. Skye has been a superstar, taking on certification assessments for the team when CPC was understaffed during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Her contributions have enabled many practitioners to achieve their Certified Résumé Strategist (CRS) designation during these difficult times.

Honourable Mentions:

Ambassador Team for outstanding work done to promote CPC in the last year. I am thrilled to specifically recognize the team for putting so much effort into reaching out to new CPC members. Very special mention to Dorothy Keenan for leading our Member Outreach.

Social Media Team for exceptional work done to deploy CPC’s social media campaign in the last year and especially during the global pandemic. I have been electrified and in awe of the massive amount of meaningful content posted on our social media platforms. I especially appreciate the effort made in putting the focus on attracting, retaining, and maintaining CPC members from across Canada.

Tele-networking Team for developing, managing, and moderating each session in our tele-networking program. Every session has provided CPC members with meaningful discussions and useful tips and resources that will enhance their effectiveness as career professionals.

Communications Team for the great amount of exceptional content produced over the course of a year. The team populated our news feed with relevant and useful posts every single week without fail. Topics are pertinent, on-point, informative, and meaningful for career professionals across Canada.

Certification Team for the consistent and detailed work they contribute to ensure that our certification program is managed effectively. I am especially thankful to all the certification assessors for reviewing and evaluating submissions throughout the year. Their evaluations are always meticulous, and they turn around assessments seamlessly within tight deadlines.

I would also like to extend a very special thank you to CPC’s Leadership Team for their ongoing and outstanding support through the pandemic: GabrielleLeClairMaureen McCann, Cathy Milton, Wayne Pagani, Jayne Barron, Dorothy Keenan, Adrienne Tom, Daisy Wright, Janet Barclay and Debbie Lapointe. Thanks also to all of CPC’s ad hoc volunteers and silent partners who help make Career Professionals of Canada an outstanding organization.

CPC is now receiving submissions for the 2021 Awards of Excellence Program. Find out how you can be nominated in 2021.

Congratulations and thanks to everyone who participated. It’s been another great year!

Your number one fan,

Sharon Graham, Executive Director of Career Professionals of Canada


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