Congratulations to our 2014 Awards of Excellence Recipients!

Awards of Excellence Program

It is my pleasure to announce Career Professionals of Canada’s 2014 Awards of Excellence recipients.

Awards of Excellence RecipientsThis year’s competition was extremely tight and all submissions were admirable – proving once again that our membership comprises some of the very best of the best in the industry. Congratulations to all!

I’d like to offer special thanks to our adjudication panel who were presented with the difficult challenge of selecting the recipients from the stellar nominations – this was not an easy task!

Here are this year’s Award of Excellence Recipients. Please do send them your congratulations:

Outstanding Canadian Career Leader
Recipient: Sashie Steenstra

Outstanding Canadian Online Profile Developer
Recipient: Janet Barclay

Outstanding Canadian Resume Contributor
Internationally Educated Professional (IEP) Category
Recipient: Stephanie Clark
Honourable Mention: Angelika Trinkwon

Outstanding Canadian Resume Contributor
Best New Graduate Resume Category

Recipient: Jennifer Miller

Outstanding Canadian Resume Contributor
Best Career Change Resume Category

Recipient: Maureen Farmer
Honourable Mention: Stephanie Clark

Outstanding Canadian Resume Contributor
Best Technical Resume Category

Recipient: Adrienne Tom
Honourable Mention: Jennifer Miller

Outstanding Canadian Resume Contributor
Best Executive Resume Category

Recipient: Adrienne Tom
Honourable Mention: Maureen Farmer

Outstanding Canadian Resume Contributor
Best Creative Resume Category

Recipient: Skye Berry-Burke

Outstanding Volunteer Contributor (Executive Director’s Award)
This year, I was extremely pleased to award the Executive Director’s Award for Outstanding Volunteer Contribution to five exceptionally admirable members of CPC. Each of these members has gone far above and beyond in supporting CPC and myself in our initiatives.


  • Carol Brochu
  • Daisy Wright
  • Kevin Schafer
  • Tara Orchard
  • Wayne Pagani

I would also like to thank all of the volunteer teams who help make CPC an outstanding organization:

  • Advisory Board Members
  • Career Professionals of Canada Ambassadors
  • Certified Resume Strategist (CRS) Assessment Team
  • Certified Interview Strategist (CIS) Assessment Team
  • Certified Career Strategist (CCS) Assessment Team
  • Certified Employment Strategist (CES) Assessment Team
  • Tele-networking Team
  • Communications Team
  • All of CPC’s Ad Hoc Team Members and Silent Partners

I’m sure that all of you can see that this year, the calibre of submissions was excellent. Please take a moment to review all the 2014 Awards of Excellence Recipients and the complete list of outstanding nominees.

CPC is now receiving submissions for the 2015 Awards of Excellence Program. There are a number of exciting new categories. Find out how you can be nominated in 2015.

Congratulations and thanks to everyone who participated! It’s been another great year!

Your number one fan,

Sharon Graham, Executive Director of Career Professionals of Canada


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