Certified Interview Strategist (CIS) Course-Based Process

Certified Interview Strategist (CIS) designation
CPC Course-Based Certification Steps

Our Course-Based process allows you to fast-track your CIS if you have completed an approved course.

Have you completed any of these interview coaching courses?

  • Career Professionals of Canada’s Employment Interview Coaching Course.
  • An approved Certificate or Diploma course in interview coaching/consulting.

You may be eligible to receive your YOUR Certified Interview Strategist (CIS) Credential NOW!

Career Professionals of Canada grants credential recognition for qualified Career Development Practitioners. If you have successfully completed CPC’s Employment Interview Coaching and Consulting Course (CDP-103/CDP-03) or if you have attained a certificate or diploma in an approved course (45 hours minimum), you may be eligible to be granted your CIS recognition through the Course-Based process.

The Certified Interview Strategist (CIS) designation further enhances your credibility and visibility as an employment interview coach/consultant. Learn how you can be conferred the CIS without going through the formal evaluation process.

This program is open to experienced Career Professionals who have successfully completed formal training in the area of Employment Interview Coaching and Consulting. Eligibility for the CIS through the Course-Based process is based on education. Through this program, you will be conferred the CIS without going through the more formal case study evaluation process.

You may be able to bypass the CIS self-study process if you have completed an approved program. To be eligible for consideration in the Course-Based program, you must successfully complete CPC’s Employment Interview Coaching certificate course or an approved certificate or diploma course in employment interview coaching and consulting (45 hours minimum).

Upon approval and payment of your application fee, you will be granted the Certified Interview Strategist (CIS) designation, which will be valid as long as you maintain your membership to Career Professionals of Canada.

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