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Two simple steps to your client’s career transition

July 29, 2015 |

By Maureen McCann. One of the factors I find most influences successful people is their ability to be self-aware enough to make good life changes. Call it a goal, an aspiration, or a dream – most successful people are focused on achieving a positive end result and continue to pursue it because they are self-motivated. Self-motivation doesn’t come naturally. In fact, many of us give up on our resolutions quite quickly. However, those people making positive change in their lives stick it out. They make things happen, regardless of what…

Adding Value: Giving Back to Your Clients

July 22, 2015 |

By Skye Berry-Burke. As resume writers, interview coaches, and employment consultants, we support clients every day. Providing similar advice to them each day, it might be easy to forget how overwhelming a job search can be for them. Many clients come to us seeking a resume or a LinkedIn profile compilation, or interview coaching and we happily oblige and provide them with the best service we can provide. We go above and beyond to produce documents that will get results and provide coaching that will assist them in landing the job…

Your Client’s Career Transition in the Current Economy

July 20, 2015 |

By Lori Jazvac. With Canada’s economy waning, fears of a looming recession are resurfacing. As the labour market tightens and employer expectations intensify, career professionals need to be poised to empower clients. CPC Mastermind, Lori Jazvac, provides practitioners with steps to plan their career transition. Economic indicators are showing a consistent decline in the last few months.  6,500 jobs have been already lost in Canada in the month of June alone. Every sector is being hit, especially the oil and gas industry in Alberta, with prices plummeting. The labour force is also showing…

Career Transition: Words Can Change Your Client’s Brain

July 15, 2015 |

By Elizabeth Wilson. Career Professionals of Canada’s Mastermind, Elizabeth Wilson discusses how words can change your client’s brain. She provides sage advice for practitioners, featuring techniques from leaders in the existing and emerging field of positive psychology. In my experience working with unemployed people, often the biggest barrier they have to becoming successfully employed is their own attitudes and thought processes. While their more concrete difficulties are very real and need to be addressed, helping them to have a more positive outlook and resilient attitude makes dealing with other difficulties in their life much…

Statics Canada Economic Insights: Full Time Employment

July 10, 2015 |
CPC Trends

Statistics Canada has released a report outlining how the percentage of the workforce working full time has evolved from 1970. The report also discusses how full-time employment has changed across age groups, education levels, sex, and regions. It also provides insight to how changes in labour market and worker demographics affect full-time employment across Canada. “Full-time employment is an important labour market indicator from the perspective of both labour supply and demand.” Top Insights: The percentage of Canadians employed full time has risen modestly over the last four decades. Women aged…