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Social Justice and Career Development

March 19, 2021 |
Social justice

Recently, Career Professionals of Canada published their Annual Report. It’s well worth reading. A page that really caught my attention was CPC’s three-point “Call to Action” for 2021; it is ambitious and compelling. The calls to action are described as having the goals of intentionally and mindfully strengthening the CPC brand and making an impact within the career development profession, nationally and globally. The first of the three actions is about social justice. It reads: Social Justice – Cement our culture of diversity and inclusion. I’ve heard and read the phrase “social justice” often,…

Career Exploration – Free Career Assessment Resources

March 12, 2021 |
Career exploration

Career development is a lifelong process, but most career practitioners have access to a limited number of career exploration assessments. Moreover, for most not-for-profit career services, the time and cost of administering a full battery of tests is prohibitive. The good news is that there are plenty of free career exploration and personality assessment resources available online. In the past, career exploration was used primarily during secondary or post-secondary education. The goal was to guide and assist students in making informed choices when preparing to enter the work world. But these days, most…

Helping Clients Maintain Focus and Productivity

March 5, 2021 |
Maintain focus and productivity

It has been close to one year now. Since early spring 2020, we’ve grown accustomed to having to get by with less, seeing family and friends less frequently – if at all – and working long hours remotely. Many of us, along with our clients, have had to make drastic changes in not only our lifestyles and routines, but our ways of communicating, working, and relating. A client recently told me that he’s struggling to maintain his focus and productivity while working from home. It was exciting at first, but…

CPC’s Social Responsibility and Call To Action

February 26, 2021 |
social responsibility

At Career Professionals of Canada, we take social responsibility seriously. As a social enterprise, our mission is to inspire and enable practitioners in advancing their career, business, and professional development goals. Career development is a helping profession and the work we do plays a great part in our mutual quest for social justice. CPC Annual Report CPC’s 2020 Annual Report tells you all about our association’s outstanding accomplishments and documents our commitment to social responsibility. Thank you to our advisors, managers, and volunteers for supporting our evolution. Your expertise and…

Career Services are Valuable to Clients with ADHD

February 24, 2021 |
Career services valuable to ADHD clients

Let me share a memorable and moving story about why career services are valuable to clients with ADHD. He walked into my office wearing a kilt with matching tartan knee socks. “What part of Scotland are you from?” I asked. “I’m not from Scotland,” he replied. “I’ve always wanted a kilt. I also wear re-enactment costumes from various wars.” “Why do you do that?” I asked. “Because I have a fear of being forgotten,” he replied. “I don’t want to walk around unnoticed through life.” I understood. Isn’t that why…

A Holistic Approach to Wellness: Why it Matters

February 19, 2021 |
Holistic Approach to Wellness

The theme of wellness dominated many aspects of our lives in 2020 and continues into this year. Yet, many may not fully understand the meaning of the word.  Wellness is multidimensional. The Global Wellness Institute defines it as: “the active pursuit of activities, choices, and lifestyles that lead to a state of holistic health.” When someone asks, “How are you doing?” you may likely respond, “I’m doing well” or “fine.” But under the surface, there may be layers of emotion that need to be stripped away like onion peels to achieve…