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Working Together For Career Success

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    Working Together For Career Success

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Help Clients Navigate Change and Positively Embrace a New Year

As we enter 2020, there have been numerous industry and labour market shifts that have impacted Canadian jobs. In a volatile economy, any worker can have a stellar performance record and still lose their job. Role changes, company restructurings or expansions, personality and work conflicts, company culture shifts, and budget cuts can all have an…

Launch 2020 with a Career Wish List

Whether or not you and your clients celebrate Christmas, there is a lesson we can all take from a tradition of this holiday that will help to establish a strong foundation for our career development. If you did celebrate Christmas as a child, you may remember your teachers and/or parents asking you to make a…

CPC gives back to Empower Girls in Canada

By Sharon Graham. Dear colleagues, The holiday season is upon us once again and we find ourselves looking forward to another brilliant and beautiful new year. As 2019 is winding down, we take a look back and are reminded of the fantastic members we have in our association. We have had an incredible year here at…

The Persuasive Power of Saying “Yes” to Clients

By Andrew Chalmers. ‘Tis the season. As 2019 closes, I hope that all of you have enjoyed a year full of progress, ambition, and success stories. A few weeks ago, as the holiday season engine started revving up, I was reminded of a unique and somewhat distressing client scenario that I often faced in the…
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Important AWES Survey: Guided Pathways Integrating Essential Skills

RELEASE: November 30, 2019 We need your support! Alberta Workforce Essential Skills (AWES) has released a national survey to gather information on the career development sector. Your responses to the AWES survey will help develop a customized curriculum to ensure the training is specific to the sector’s needs. The survey will take approximately 15-20 minutes…

Helping Job Seekers Thrive Through the Holidays

By Maureen McCann. Don’t rest, ye merry gentlemen and ladies! With the holiday season rapidly approaching, many job seekers buy into the misbelief that now is the time to put their job search on hold. But should they? “There is a myth that companies don’t hire at all. The truth is that employers hire all…