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Listening for Unspoken Messages

November 30, 2009 |

by Bob Love Good listening skills are essential for every career professional. To be of greatest service to our clients and others, we must learn to really listen to what they’re saying. But good listening goes beyond just the words that are spoken to us. It also requires listening for unspoken messages. This ability is sometimes called “listening with the third ear” and is something that most of us can develop with practice. For various reasons, people don’t always state or express the real issue when they speak to us.…

CPC Member Appreciation – September and October 2009

November 5, 2009 |

Never doubt that a small, group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.  ~Margaret Mead CPC is proud to acknowledge the following individuals for being such an important part of this community. New Members: Vicky Smith Amanda Wencel Peter Frauley Derek Jones Nicole LaCroix Janice McKillop Marcel Laforest George Dutch Lita Pitruzzello Marsha Smith Elaine Fenner Elizabeth Piergeti Lynda Trude Drew Atamanuk Maureen Farmer Renewing Members: Elizabeth Grin Sue Kersey Susan Easton Linda Schnabel Nancy Ewen Lidia Siino Mitri Hanna…

Adding Cybercounselling to your Skill Set

October 31, 2009 |

By Sandra Lim, CPRW, CCM, CECC, Cert. Cybercounseling In this day and age, just about everything we want can be accessed on-demand through the Internet. Not surprisingly, with employees’ lives growing progressively more hectic – with longer hours spent at the office, active social lives, gym memberships, and possibly childcare and eldercare responsibilities –more and more people are seeking career services from their home computer. It’s not only busy individuals that are attracted to the convenience of receiving service in the comfort and privacy of their homes. Cybercounselling clients generally…

Congratulations to the recipients of CPC’s 2009 Awards of Excellence!

October 27, 2009 |

THE RESULTS ARE IN! I would like to ask everyone to join me in congratulating our awesome  Awards of Excellence nominees and recipients. Career Professionals of Canada boasts some of the top career practitioners in the country, and we’re so proud to call you our own.  Together, we are setting the standards in our industry. Here are Career Professionals of Canada’s 2009 Outstanding Canadian Career Recipients: Outstanding Canadian Career Leader – Daisy Wright Outstanding Volunteer Contributor to the Organization – Lynda Margaret Outstanding New Canadian Career Professional – Tanya Taylor…

Relationship-centred Transformational Leadership – Engaging Hearts and Minds

September 30, 2009 |
CPC Career Development

By Dr. Andrew Vujnovich, Colin Holbrow, PCC, and Linda Schnabel, PCC, © 2008-03-18 In Reach out and touch someone; connect with kindness and respect! Relationship-centred Transformational Leadership demands we engage all hearts and minds in a special, organized, performance and behavioural enhancement effort. This is aimed at creating community and inclusivity, growing relationships, solidifying teamwork, building reciprocity, improving services, reducing costs, and pleasing customers and team-mates; as well as improving quality, work and home life, and employee morale. It calls for empathy and emotional maturity. The key to Relationship-centred Transformational…

CPC Member Appreciation – July and August 2009

September 2, 2009 |

“Every individual has a place to fill in the world and is important in some respect whether he chooses to be so or not.” ~Nathaniel Hawthorne CPC is proud to acknowledge the following individuals for being such an important part of this community. New Members: Brenda Badgero Philip Richards Samantha McKoen Mark Meier Trevor Wilkie Darren Nichka Stephanie Hooper Diane Lee Lynn Hill Renewing Members: Daisy Wright Lisa Yassein Howard Halpern Newly Certified: Patricia Rivard-Borduas, CRS