CPC Member of the Week: Sweta Regmi

July 31, 2023 |
Sweta Regmi is a CPC Member of the Week

Sweta Regmi is the accomplished founder & CEO of Teachndo, with over a decade of experience in the hiring world. Sweta is a certified career and résumé strategist. As a LinkedIn Top Interviewing Voice, she specializes in empowering internationally trained immigrants and newcomers to Canada with her proven career strategies. Sweta’s expertise has earned her recognition as a leading job search expert to follow on LinkedIn, resulting in media recognition, speaking engagements, and widespread exposure. Her insights and strategies have been featured by renowned outlets including CBC National News, Global National News,…

CPC Member of the Week: Tapas Ranjan Pati

July 31, 2023 |
Tapas Ranjan Pati, CPC Member of the Week

Tapas Ranjan Pati brings extensive senior managerial experience from roles at institutes of higher education. Currently based in Dubai, he serves as the Head of Career Services at IMT Business School Dubai. With a career spanning 14 years, Tapas has expertise in areas such as career services, industry-academic partnerships, alumni relations, campus-corporate engagement, student recruitment, and executive education. He has worked with globally recognized business schools, including those ranked in the QS and Financial Times (FT) top 50. Tapas is passionate about coaching and guiding students in their career journeys, believing…

CPC Member of the Week: Catherine Carbonneau-Bergeron

July 24, 2023 |
CPC Member of the Week Catherine Carbonneau-Bergeron

Catherine Carbonneau-Bergeron is a dedicated guidance counsellor with over a decade of experience in Quebec’s education sector. She began her career in an adult learning centre and currently serves as a guidance counsellor in a public high school with a student population of over 1600. Catherine thrives in the dynamic and ever-changing nature of her work, finding joy in the energetic and creative atmosphere. Her true passion lies in assisting high school teenagers as they navigate the process of designing their future adult lives. Catherine’s most cherished accomplishment is helping…

CPC Member of the Week: Marie-Daphné Laguerre

July 24, 2023 |
CPC Member of the Week, Marie-Daphné Laguerre

Marie-Daphné Laguerre is the founder of Les consultations AfroQueen Consulting, which she considers her most valued accomplishment. As a passionate advocate for diversity and inclusion, she actively raises awareness about racism and discrimination in Canadian society. Through facilitated workshop discussions, Marie-Daphné encourages employees to reflect on their own biases and explore ways to create a more equitable work environment. With more than 20 years of experience as a human resources practitioner in the federal public service, private sector, and now through her own consulting business, she utilizes her HR expertise…

CPC Member of the Week: Janet MacDonald

July 17, 2023 |
Member of the Week Janet MacDonald

Janet MacDonald is a Scholarship Coach who assists Canadian high school students and their families in securing scholarships for university. Through her company, mycampusGPS, she conducts workshops and provides personalized guidance to students, helping them create compelling applications for admission and scholarships. Janet brings valuable experience as a former university Assistant Registrar and Admissions Officer, where she was responsible for student recruitment, admissions, and academic advising. She has a strong passion for guiding young people in their career development. In her role, she supports students in exploring various career options…

CPC Member of the Week: Zoha Khalid

July 17, 2023 |
Zoha Khalid is a CPC Member of the Week

Zoha Khalid is a Certified Career Strategist (CCS) who works with young people facing barriers to employment. As a career development professional, her role involves training and supporting her clients so that they can gain the skills, experience, and education they need to transition successfully into the labour market and achieve their career goals. Zoha is also a social media content producer under the theme “Career Lifestyle.“ She shares career strategies and trends with a growing audience of more than 5000 subscribers. Zoha recognizes the importance of professional associations and the power of collective…