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As outlined in Lynda Gratton’s book, The Shift: The Future of Work is Already Here, the job market and workplace have undergone significant shifts through globalization, virtual platforms, workspaces, and communities in which employees and/or contractors can all contribute regardless of geographic location. And, in 2020, world events have necessitated an acceleration of the trend to embrace innovative ways of working. For careerpros to continue delivering the much-needed and important services we provide, I believe that we must become active and enthusiastic participants in the virtual workplace, no matter what time zone or physical location we reside and work in. The future of career services is here!

Many universities and non-profit organizations that offer employment services are jumping on the bandwagon by offering virtual career services, training, and career fairs, as well as specialized programs for internationally trained individuals.

Virtual counselling can be provided by phone, email, Zoom, Skype, GoToMeeting, or a combination of a these modes. These days, there are many online meeting platforms to choose from. The decision as to which method of communication is best depends on the preferences and access-to-technology of the client, and, of course, the career professional. I prefer connecting with my clients for a “talk” session via the phone, followed up by email interaction.

There are many advantages for career professionals who harnesses virtual possibilities for expanding their private practice, including:

  1. Cost effectiveness. By serving your clients virtually, you can greatly reduce your operating expenses because you do not require rented office space or a designated professional home office.
  2. Reduction of your carbon footprint. There  are significant savings in gasoline expenses if you don’t have to travel to your client’s home, or vice versa. You contribute to the health of the environment when you offer virtual services.
  3. Scheduling flexibility. This is a win-win for both parties. In my personal practice, I reserve two nights per week to accommodate clients who are only available after regular hours.
  4. Accessibility for all. Virtual career counselling allows disabled job seekers, those for whom commuting is problematic, or who live in rural or remote areas, to access the professional help and guidance they may require, but which is not available locally.
  5. Privacy. For clients who don’t want to meet face-to-face, there is a level of privacy that can be respected through virtual career coaching.

The possibilities are endless. You can expand your private practice through a variety of virtual services including live chats, targeted group meetings, webinars, and e-courses. Below are a list of resources that can help you explore and enhance your virtual capabilities and opportunities.

Have you geared your career services to meet the demands of the virtual workplace and job market? Do you have any advice or links to helpful resources to offer?

Christine Cristiano is an award winning Career Development Practitioner, Certified Career Strategist, Certified Life Coach, and professional résumé writer. Assisting job seekers of all ages, Christine has a special passion for helping new graduates explore the job market and mid-career professionals in career transition. Her journey into the careers sector started when her role as a freelance writer penning career-related articles led her to discover professional résumé writing. As her interest in supporting jobseekers intensified, she pursued and successfully completed a range of studies in career development. In 2015, Christine launched Ideal Career Services and offers personalized, virtual 1-1 career coaching sessions and services. She is an active member of, and volunteer for, Career Professionals of Canada. In her spare time, Christine is an avid line dancer and lover of all things books. She also enjoys the cottage and boating life. 

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