Career Professional of Canada’s Picks for the Top Ten Canadian Research Websites

CPC Employment Consulting

These 2004 Top Ten sites were selected by the professional members of CPC.

Jobs Etc.
Identify and explore your career options.

Career Bookmarks
Perform a self-assessment and investigate career choices.

Job Futures
Obtain labour market information on occupations, wages and employment.

National Occupational Classification
Investigate any of 30,000 jobs found throughout Canada’s labour market.

Ontario Job Futures
Learn about current trends and futures of 157 occupations.

Canada NewsWire
Acquire time-critical news and information released to the press.

Scott’s Directory
Find Canadian companies and executive contact names.

Google News Canada
Click on “News” and search the bulletins on a specific company or person.

Innvista Jobs In Canada

Link to over 6000 company sites across Canada.

Research Industry Canada’s database of business and consumer information.

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