Resources for Alberta Career Practitioners


Here are some links to helpful websites for career practitioners and their clients based in Alberta. If you are a career practitioner and you want resources for the labour market in AB, then make sure to bookmark these sites.

Associations for Career Practitioners

Education and Training for Career Practitioners

Careers and Employment for Clients

Education and Training for Clients

Do you know of another Alberta-specific resource for career practitioners or their clients? Please mention it in a comment.

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For those looking for information about Calgary, I would add Calgary Economic Development. Though not directly a career resource, it has many resources to assist career practitioners and their clients with career transition, labour market trends and job search. The business directory is excellent!

Good morning Lise

I was browsing for some web links that include comprehensive list of resources here in Alberta and Calgary in particular. I absolutely agree that CED belongs on the list. I also recommend Calgary Chamber of Commerce. The latter offers services more for career development professionals than work seekers. However as with most advice anyone who is self directed can extrapolate the information for employers or practitioners and use it for themselves.

Regardless of the value of on line resources I do not believe they replace face to face interaction

Vicky Driver