Career Development Ethics & Theory – CCDP Preparation Course

Career Development Ethics & Theory


…leading to CCS & CCDP Certification


We are pleased to offer a one-of-a-kind professional development program for those practitioners who are working towards their Certified Career Strategist (CCS) and Certified Career Development Practitioner (CCDP) certifications.

The next distance learning classes start soon. Check out the course schedule for dates and times.

Embrace your professionalism and start your certification journey today. One of the ways that you can work towards your certifications is by taking two courses:

Career Development Ethics & Standards (CDP-01)

To conduct yourself professionally you need tools that will help you identify and address ethical implications of the difficult situations that can arise in the field of Career Development. Learn how you can apply a decision-making model to ensure that you are working ethically. By successfully completing this course you will be fully equipped to handle ethical situations with confidence and integrity.

Career Development Theory, Models & Practices (CDP-02)

Theory, models, and practices offer us the foundation for the work we do in our career practice. You’ll explore a wide range of existing and emerging theories and models, which form the basis of current practice of the Career Development profession in Canada. You will build a critical mass of knowledge and skill as a foundation on which to base your practice.

Start working towards your provincial and national certifications today!

Upon passing these courses, you will be fully ready to apply and receive your Certified Career Strategist (CCS) credential through Career Professionals of Canada’s Fast-Track program.

Theory and Ethics are mandatory course requirements for your provincial Certified Career Development Practitioner (CCDP) certification. When you successfully complete this course you will be fully prepared to meet these core requirements.

Don’t miss this very special opportunity. Start your certification journey today.

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  1. Hello,

    I would like to register your association.

    What qualifications do I need to qualify for membership?

    What do I need to do to become a career specialist in Canada?

    I did finished Ph.D course at the Sookmyung Womens University in Korea. But I have not degree.

    I studied about career counseling of Counseling of Education.

    I taught about career search, career development etc at college and university in Korea.

    I live in Canada and study ESL at Fanshawe college in London city Ontario.

    I have interest in career.

    Could you help me?

    Thank you.

    Ps : my email address [edited by moderator]

  2. Michelle,

    Thank you for your interest in Career Professionals of Canada and our programs. I will respond directly to you by email.

    Career Professionals of Canada (CPC) is a volunteer social enterprise for practitioners in our field. Most of our members are based in Canada and serve clients in Canada.

    Many of our professional members take the CRS, CIS, CES and CCS certification programs to develop their skills and add to their credentials. Our certification program validates your expertise and competency. Certification programs are self-study. Once you have registered, you will have access to the study material. You have a full year to complete the process by submitting your work product. Here are some more details on certification:

    We also run online facilitated training courses that are designed for professional development:

    Here are some further details on membership pricing and registration:

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