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Canadian Resume Strategist PDF eGuideTHE CANADIAN RESUME STRATEGIST (PDF eGuide)

All New 6th Edition

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If you provide clients with strategic resume writing or coaching services, you are a potential candidate for the Certified Resume Strategist (CRS) credential. A key resource for resume writers and employment practitioners across Canada.

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The Canadian Resume Strategist 6th Edition | Sharon Graham, Canada’s Career Strategist | Publisher: Career Professionals of Canada | PDF eBook

The Canadian Resume Strategist is a valuable resource used by resume writers and employment consultants across Canada to develop their professional expertise.

The Canadian Resume Strategist is a comprehensive 150+ page Certification Study Guide (e-book). This valuable resource thoroughly discusses current concepts and strategies to empower you to work effectively with your clients. By following this guide, you will learn how and when to apply various techniques to enable your clients to succeed in their career. The knowledge you will acquire by studying this guide will be an asset throughout your career.

Career Professionals of Canada (CPC) is committed to setting the Canadian standard for excellence in resume writing. The Canadian Resume Strategist is a required resource for CPC’s Certified Resume Strategist (CRS) self-study program. The Certified Resume Strategist (CRS) and Master Certified Resume Strategist (MCRS) designations enhance your credibility and visibility as a resume writer and strategist. If you provide clients with resume writing or strategic resume advice, you are a potential candidate for the CRS credential.

  • Validate your expertise in strategic resume writing.
  • Boost your credibility within the Canadian market and internationally.
  • Enhance the value you provide to your clients.
  • Exhibit your knowledge of the current trends in resume writing.
  • Demonstrate your commitment to continued professional development.

THE CANADIAN RESUME STRATEGIST 6th Edition is fully revised and updated by Sharon Graham and Published by Career Professionals of Canada.


Letter of Introduction
The Importance of Ethics
Recommended Reading Resources
The CPC Certification Process

Part 1 – Resume Strategy
Chapter 1 – Resume Marketing
Chapter 2 – Resume Planning
Chapter 3 – Value Proposition
Chapter 4 – Strategic Application

Part 2- Resume Mechanics
Chapter 5 – Resume Fundamentals
Chapter 6 – Employment History
Chapter 7 – Supplementary Components
Chapter 8 – Spelling and Grammar

Part 3 – Resume Design
Chapter 9 – Creative Formatting
Chapter 10 – Technology-Friendly Resumes
Chapter 11 – Resume Innovations

Part 4 – Supporting Documents
Chapter 12 – Cover Letter Strategy
Chapter 13 – Supplementary Documents

Part 5 – Certification
Chapter 14 – CRS Testing Process
Chapter 15 – MCRS Testing Process

Appendix A – Action Verbs
Appendix B – Core Strength Phrases
Appendix C – Keywords

Take your expertise to the next level with THE CANADIAN RESUME STRATEGIST.


Take your resume services to the next level. Let THE CANADIAN RESUME STRATEGIST be your key resource!


The Canadian Resume Strategist 6th Edition | Sharon Graham, Canada’s Career Strategist | Career Professionals of Canada | PDF eBook


  1. I have some questions regarding the currency of this book.


  2. The current edition of The Canadian Resume Strategist (eGuide) was revised in 2016. All CRS applicants are eligible to receive this eGuide and all updates free as long as they are members of Career Professionals of Canada .

    • Please advise how I can go about getting the eGuide and updates free s I am a CRS and member of CPC. Thank you.

      • Whenever we update an eGuide all registered CPC members who are certified will automatically receive the newest copy FREE. Email us if you would like to confirm that you have the newest edition.

  3. Lanie Taljaard

    Hi Sharon,

    Will you advise a job seeker in the HR and Administration environment currently but in another country, that he / or she would gain valuable info by obtaining the eGuide?


    • This eGuide is for Career Professionals (resume writers and employment consultants) so it’s not appropriate for job seekers. I would recommend the Best Canadian Resumes Paperback series. The new editions are due out before the end of this year.

  4. Does this book talk about the Online tracking systems?

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