Best Canadian Resumes

Best Canadian ResumesBEST CANADIAN RESUMES (third edition)

3rd Edition | 360 Pages


Includes 150+ ALL NEW resume samples for Canadian jobs and industries crafted by Canada’s foremost resume writers. A one-of-a-kind Canadian resume writing resource for job seekers and practitioners.

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Best Canadian Resumes 3rd Edition | Sharon Graham, Canada’s Career Strategist | Publisher: Career Professionals of Canada | Softcover: 8.5 x 11, 360 Pages


You will find success between the covers of BEST CANADIAN RESUMES!

The BEST CANADIAN RESUME SERIES authored by Sharon Graham is the primary resource guide for job seekers and professional resume writers across Canada!

BEST CANADIAN RESUMES (Third Edition) is a one-of-a-kind resource offering more Canadian resume examples than any other book. This bestseller is now updated, expanded, and better than ever! The book includes more than 150 samples for Canadian jobs and industries crafted by Canada’s foremost resume strategists.

For millions of Canadians, the resume plays a critical role in the success or failure of a job search. The competition is tough. Get step-by-step instructions on developing an outstanding resume targeted to the Canadian employment market. Uncover cutting-edge ideas for content, style, and formatting. Take advantage of strategic tips for difficult career situations and challenges. Review actual examples of resumes and adapt them for your needs. Let BEST CANADIAN RESUMES be your key to employment success in today’s competitive market!

BEST CANADIAN RESUMES is written by and for Canadians. It will enable you to:

  • Uncover your job search goals and qualifications.
  • Market yourself with a unique Value Proposition.
  • Employ proven strategies used by professional resume writers.
  • Address critical Canadian components such as spelling and grammar.
  • Comply with Canadian legislative requirements related to resume writing.
  • Create a superb resume that will outshine the competition!

You will find success between the covers of BEST CANADIAN RESUMES!

BEST CANADIAN RESUMES and BEST CANADIAN COVER LETTERS are authored by Sharon Graham and Published by Career Professionals of Canada.




Part 1 — Planning Your Resume

Clarifying Your Job Search Goal
Uncovering Your Qualifications
Understanding Your Target
Creating Your Value Proposition

Part 2 — Developing Your Resume

Understanding Resume Structure
Employing Canadian Spelling and Grammar
Adding Creative Design Elements
Writing Strategically

Part 3 — Sample Resumes

Best Resume Samples — Entry-Level, New Graduate & Trades
Best Resume Samples — Mid-Level and Management
Best Resume Samples — Senior-Level and Executive


100 Commonly Misspelled Canadian Words
300 Action Verbs to Add Impact
List of Contributors
Index of Samples

Make sure your resume stands out from the crowd. Let BEST CANADIAN RESUMES be your key to landing the all-important interview in today’s competitive market.


“This book is one of my favourite resources; chalk full of excellent resumes from top talent professionals from across Canada. Sharon has done a lovely job putting together a uniquely flavoured Canadian resource that teaches job seekers the art of resume creation, showcases current resume trends and formats, and aids professionals in taking their work to the next level. I turn to this book time and again for ideas and inspiration – thank you Sharon!”

Adrienne Tom, Principal Certified Professional Resume Writer, Career Impressions


“Canadian resume book a first of its kind – Like many other job seekers, you’ve likely picked up a book or searched online for resume samples — trying to remember, of course, to change American spellings to Canadian. Finally, there’s a resource that’s distinctively our own: Best Canadian Resumes, a book that illustrates that our resumes are distinguished by much more than just spelling.”

Linda White, Special to Sun Media


“In 2008, I purchased the first edition of your book, Best Canadian Resumes, which proved to be invaluable and at the same time an eye-opener to the wonderful world of value-based resume writing … I did in fact purchase the latest edition and am grateful for doing so – it is excellent! I thoroughly enjoyed using the 1st Edition and found it an absolute necessity during my job search 2.5 years ago and share the same sentiment toward the latest edition. The job market is always changing (as you know very well!) and it seemed only logical to seek the most up-to-date information … Thank you again!”

Andrea I, Job Seeker


“I’ve been writing resumes for more than a decade and have accessed many tools, templates and the like for added value for my clients. I have never found a resource that has become so valuable as BEST CANADIAN RESUMES. It is my new go-to ‘bible’ for the answers to the most challenging documents, with the results that have brought increased praise and a growing client list. Thank you, Sharon, for your diligence and sharing. I can’t wait for the 3rd Edition to arrive!

Liane Angerman, LACreations

Make sure your resume stands out from the crowd. Let BEST CANADIAN RESUMES be your key resource!


Best Canadian Resumes 3rd Edition | Sharon Graham, Canada’s Career Strategist | Career Professionals of Canada | Softcover 8.5 x 11


  1. Dory Strikwerda

    What is the date release of the 3rd edition? Thanks!

    • At this time, the next edition is due to be released soon.

      [Release date revised to late 2019]

      • My clients often require such tips for creating their profiles and getting registered for job banks . I would like to refer them just in case you have a service to write resume for the specific jobs and people
        May be we would be able to help people and add some value to their life !
        I would appreciate your reply ,

      • Michael McClure

        Looking forward to it – I know I won’t be first in line but I will watch for announcements and queue up right away.

  2. Hi,
    When will the new editions of Best Canadian Resumes and Cover Letters be published?

  3. Expected Release: Dec 2019

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    Where can I buy the following books online or in edmonton?
    Best Canadian Cover Letters
    Best Canadian Resumes

  5. Is there a PDF version of the 3rd edition available for purchase/download?

  6. Putting a PDF version of this book for sale is a great idea and easy money for you. Can it be done? Thanks

  7. Lanie Taljaard

    Hi Sharon,

    As we need to wait for the new release only due in Dec 2019, would the previous edition still be valuable and applicable?

    If so, how can be get hold of a soft copy of the previous edition.

    Eager Job Seeker
    Lanie Taljaard

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