Become a True Career Professional in 2016


By Lori Jazvac.

For over ten years, Career Professionals of Canada (CPC) has brought aspiring and existing career practitioners together in an atmosphere of collaboration, change, and co-creation. As we delve into another exciting year, we find ourselves thinking of innovative ways to spearhead the career growth of job seekers. In 2016, CPC will be launching a number of new initiatives to bring Career Development to the forefront. I’m excited to be part of such a vibrant collaborative membership that is helping our field to become more visible.

As Career Professionals, each of us also needs to invest in enhancing our own visibility within our field. If you find that your career is thriving, perhaps the small investments that you have made are gradually reaping their own rewards and making a tangible impact for community members. The key is to carve out the time and set small, measurable goals for success. Thinking creatively and taking risks will formulate your distinct brand and set you apart from the rest.

Here are ten things to do at Career Professionals of Canada that will help you forge ahead in 2016:

  1. Participate in CPC’s monthly online chats. These chats are free for all professionals, regardless of their membership or affiliation with Career Professionals of Canada.
  2. Join CPC conference calls. Career Professionals of Canada features many opportunities to connect with colleagues. Free meetups and member tele-networking events cover a wide range of topics on career issues.
  3. Subscribe to career news. The Career Connections eNewsletter is for Career Practitioners serving the Canadian Labour Market.
  4. Write a news post. Contribute your expertise and thoughts in a creative news article. Blogging gives you exposure while allowing you to share your experiences with others for positive growth and enrichment.
  5. Get involved in the next CAREERPRO Conference. Apply to become a speaker or planner at CAREERPRO 2016. Attend the event to connect with career masterminds on current issues.
  6. Invest in no-cost and low-cost learning tools. Watch informative webinars or seminars and update your knowledge with recommended resources from the CPC bookstore.
  7. Submit your works for publishing. Gain exposure as a highly skilled resume writer. Submit your best resumes and cover letters for the latest edition of Best Canadian Resumes and Best Canadian Cover Letters.
  8. Get yourself nominated for an Award of Excellence. Let your skills and innovation shine. Choose from various categories – Outstanding career leader,  volunteer, social media strategist, creative resume, and more.
  9. Meet your CPC colleagues at the Cannexus conference. Network with other like-minded career practitioners who share your passion and purpose. CPC members receive a discount for the event.
  10. Enhance your credentials. Becoming certified in a specialized area of career development will build your expertise and establish you as a reputed career professional in the community.

Bonus Goal: Become both a mentor and a mentee. Join the virtual four-month program as part of the CPC Mastermind Mentoring program.

By becoming actively involved with Career Professionals of Canada in 2016, you will build your expertise, gain valuable insights, and effectively serve clients. You’ll gain recognition as a respected leader in our career community while building solid lasting professional relationships with colleagues.

It’s up to you to serve as the vehicle of inspiring change and the leader of a confident talent revolution. A new start in 2016 will renew, revitalize, and motivate you to continue succeeding in the important work that you do.

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