All New CPC Programs – 2023 Courses, Certifications, and eGuides!

CPC online courses better than ever

Career Professionals of Canada is leading the way again! In 2023, all our eGuides, online courses, and certifications will be better than ever!

New CPC eGuides!

Career Professionals of Canada’s eGuides are now more robust and comprehensive. These are must-have resources for any career professional:

If you currently have a CPC certification, or are in the process of being certified, log in to access your complimentary copy of the 2023 eGuide! 

New CPC Online Courses!

CPC online courses are designed to give you personalized professional development. All 2023 courses are refreshed with the most pertinent information for career professionals. Members of Career Professionals of Canada receive a 50% discount on all online courses.

Courses are fully facilitated and you receive a very rich interactive learning experience. Each week you complete five modules working along with other students. You complete the modules on your schedule. You can access the course during the daytime, evening, or weekend, as you prefer. Our graduates say that this is a great way to create meaningful relationships while building current competencies!

Our part-time Career Development Practitioner (CDP) Program includes five courses that can be completed in any order:

 If you wish to attain your Certified Career Development Practitioner (CCDP) certification, then you should take CDP-101. This course covers Ethics and Theory, two important considerations for certification, and is recognized by the Canadian Council for Career Development (3CD) and provincial associations.

CPC’s Résumé Development Practitioner (RES) Program is a shorter program that is focused on strategic résumé writing.

CPC’s Business Development (BUS) Program is ideal for independent practitioners who are running their own career service. 

Our Career Professionals (CAR) Program offers competency-based sessions for specific focus areas. 

Check our course schedule and pricing page for further details.

New CPC Certification Program!

CPC certifications are a great tool to feature your expertise and distinguish your services. When you achieve a certification, you can use the associated letters after your name. You can add the logo to your website, résumé, and business card as well. When you apply for a CPC certification or register for a course, you automatically get a copy of the associated eGuide.

Course-Based Certification Process

CPC’s Course-Based Program allows you to be granted your certification if you have already completed approved courses. When you pass these courses, you can apply to be automatically granted the associated certification without submitting work product for assessment. The following courses prepare you to be certified:

Competency-Based Certification Process

CPC members can apply for certification through our Competency-Based Program. CPC’s certifications are professional credentials that validate your competencies. Once you have registered, you will have access to the study material. You have a full year to complete the certification process.

You may be eligible to get certified based on your experience. If you have more than one year of experience, and you provide career, interview, employment, work-life, or résumé support to the Canadian labour market, you may be eligible to apply for certification through our course-based or competency-based process. If you would like to determine if you may be eligible for a certification, download this self-assessment document.

Master-Level Certification

If you’ve already achieved your C-Level certification, aim your sights on the M-Level. When you attain the Master-Level certification you’ll be part of a handful of top strategists in Canada. In line with CPC’s member-friendly policies, there are never any renewal or re-certification fees!

To learn more about certification, watch this video.


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