ABC Everyday Numbers – An Exciting New Program from ABC Life Literacy Canada

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ABC Life Literacy Canada is a national charitable organization that champions literacy by empowering adult learners, raising awareness, and supporting the adult learning sector. The organization develops and supports the use of foundational learning materials and helps build the sector’s capacity by convening and connecting the adult literacy community and advocating for skills programming. ABC Life Literacy Canada envisions a Canada where everyone has the skills and opportunities to fully participate in learning, life, and work.

ABC Everyday Numbers – an exciting new program!

Introducing ABC Everyday Numbers – a numeracy program that offers free resources and workshops to adult learners looking to improve their math skills, whether they want to get their GED or simply want to build math confidence.

Learners can download free workbooks and take online courses on their own, and literacy organizations and other community groups can sign up to host workshops.

Skills learners can acquire through the program

ABC Everyday Numbers touches on various math principles that are used in everyday life. For example, the first workbook is about patterns, which can help learners better understand what’s coming next and how they can make better decisions. Another workbook discusses multiplication without memorizing. In this workbook, individuals will learn how to multiply without using the old method of memorizing multiplication tables as they may have had to do in school.

Delivery of ABC Everyday Numbers training sessions and available resources

ABC Everyday Numbers is designed for adult literacy practitioners who are teaching math skills and may not be trained foundational math instructors. Practitioners who sign up to host workshops receive access to online facilitator training and printed workbooks for their learners.

The workbooks are also offered as online courses through the ABC Skills Hub learning platform, so the program can also be delivered online. Most workshops take 45 minutes to an hour to complete.

Measuring learner success

ABC Life Literacy Canada asks participating organizations to complete surveys to be able to help measure the success of the program. Organizations also ask their students to complete pre- and post-workshop evaluations on their perceived skill level, confidence, and intent to implement what they have learned and to continue their learning.

The workshops are presented in a way that facilitates discussion so there is ample opportunity for organizations to monitor and observe the progress of participants.

Connecting Career Professionals of Canada clients to ABC Everyday Numbers

ABC Everyday Numbers is free and accessible to anyone wanting to improve their math skills. Organizations interested in hosting workshops can simply sign up at, and be connected to their regional community coordinator, who will discuss their upcoming workshop and provide all the necessary materials.

For individuals who prefer learning on their own time, ABC Everyday Numbers is offered online through the ABC Skills Hub online learning platform. With ABC Skills Hub, learners can complete online courses at their own pace, save their work in progress, and download course content and helpful reminders of what they’ve learned.

Call to Action: How members of Career Professionals of Canada can help promote ABC Life Literacy Canada and its programs

ABC Life Literacy Canada strives to raise awareness of their free resources and programming which help to improve skills and confidence. Please share their ABC Everyday Numbers numeracy program website with your clients and professional networks to encourage the use of the free resources and presentation of workshops in our communities.

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