A Special Message from a CPC Member in Ukraine

Canadian and Ukrainian flags flying together

Dear Friends,

It’s been an honour to be a CPC member for the past couple of years and meet some of you through online networking. These are dark times in Europe and worldwide with the ongoing, full-scale Russian invasion in Ukraine. I am asking for a few minutes of your time to read this message. I’d like to offer suggestions for resources and ideas you can use to help.

I am in Ukraine as I write this, witnessing war crimes and the extraordinary resistance and work of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

I know many of you watch the news reports of air raids and civilian losses in Ukraine. I would like to ask you to act and support the Ukrainian sovereignty and people in any way you are comfortable doing. No action is too small right now and everything counts.

Support Ukrainian Refugees in Canada or Elsewhere

Any war triggers a humanitarian crisis.

As career pros, we can support Ukrainian refugees with career services. Helping just one person get a better job will position that person and their family for success. Create a LinkedIn post announcing your ability and willingness to help or put the word out with local refugee/immigrant organizations.

If you care about causes — disability, mental health, women/children, housing, education, etc. — choose the one closest to your heart and take some action through national or international organizations to support your cause to the benefit of Ukrainians.

Do you have a Ukrainian friend, colleague, or acquaintance? Ask them what they are doing now to help and if they need support from you to help with their efforts.

Spread the Word

Check Your News Sources

Evaluate the validity of your news sources and double-check information with a critical eye. There is propaganda out there. Read official sources (in Ukrainian/English) or use Google translate to gain access to news reports that may not necessarily be making it to various English or French-language channels. Remember, every time someone speaks the truth, the truth prevails.

Donate to Ukrainian Refugees, the Armed Forces, and Veterans

The Ukrainian armed forces are doing their job 100% and beyond, but they need help. Below are links to some ways to donate.

Thank you for your time, help, and support! Every word and every action counts as the world is defending democracy against authoritarian aggression in 2022.


Your friend and colleague, a fellow Careerpro in Ukraine

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This is Mary Beth Michaels and a new CPC member. I work at DBNC as an Employment Counsellor that works with Conventional Refugees and Newcomers. I would recommend that if some Ukrainians are considering coming to the Mississauga or Toronto area that we (DBNC) can fully assist them from settlement to employment and much more. There are other Ukrainians living in Mississauga and the west end of Toronto including a Ukrainian Community Centre in the area.
Our Team and myself have been very successful in working with newcomers for several years.

Please let us know how we can help further.
Please check out at our website http://www.dixiebloor.ca
Mary Beth Michaels

Welcome to CPC, Mary Beth and thanks so much for letting us know.

Wishing our CPC members and friends peace and safety for themselves and their family members in Ukraine.

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