5 Reasons to Participate in Hypnosis Research Study

By Cathy Milton.

Career Professionals of Canada, in collaboration with Seneca College in Toronto, is engaged in a research study to assess the benefits of hypnosis as a tool to reduce the stress associated with job search. Please note that enrolment of new participants ends on Friday, February 22nd, 2019.

I wish I qualified to be a participant in this study. I’ll go so far as to say that I am jealous of those who do qualify.

Here are five reasons why I would like to be part of this study:

  1. Self-Discovery: As career practitioners, we coach clients on the benefits of engaging in self-reflection and self-discovery. I’m confident that each participant in the Seneca College study will come away with new insights about themselves and how they interact with the world around them.
  2. New Adventure: As someone who is curious about pretty much everything, I’d welcome the new adventure of undergoing hypnotherapy. Recall how we gently coax clients to step outside of their comfort zones? This would be a perfect opportunity to do just that.
  3. New Learnings: Until this study opened up, I confess that I’d not given much thought to hypnotherapy. As a study participant, I’d be like a sponge, soaking up the process and every word spoken in an attempt to learn as much as possible. There is no shortage of supportive information, from reliable sources, on the internet.
  4. Sense of Well-Being: I spoke to a very good friend of mine who went to a respected hypnotherapist many years ago. I recently asked what she recalled of the experience. She said, “Not much, really. It was so long ago. But the one thing I will never, ever forget is the feeling of calm and well-being that I had at the conclusion of each session. I clearly remember walking out to my car after my appointments with a big smile on my face.”
  5. Fun: I have met the study’s lead researcher only once, but Charmaine Johnson is one of those rare people with whom you feel a connection right away. She is so easy to talk to. Charmaine is a certified hypnotherapist who was trained at the University of Toronto. She would be a welcoming, fun, and interesting partner to work with.

So, career practitioners, why not reach out to your job-seeking clients and invite them to participate in the study? They, and you could be part of a team blazing a trail to an innovative and beneficial therapy with the potential to help many.

For further details and enrolment information, check out: Seneca Recruitment Poster.

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