10 Reasons to Join CPC’s Mastermind Mentoring Program

Mastermind Mentoring program

When I signed up for the CPC Mastermind Mentoring Group, I had no idea what to expect. In early 2020, I had started my private career practice as a side gig to formal employment before deciding to transition to full-time entrepreneurship. I joined Career Professionals of Canada and saw the Mastermind program listed on the Upcoming Events page of the website.  I joined CPC’s Mastermind Mentoring group because I had never participated in anything similar before. I was intrigued to know more. I’d like to share 10 reasons why you should join CPC’s Mastermind Mentoring Program.

But First, What is the CPC Mastermind Mentoring Program?

The Mastermind Mentoring Program is an annual event that starts in January. Meetings take place over Zoom for the duration of four months — one session per month. Members engage in professional development by interacting on topics of mutual interest. The aim of this program is to mentor colleagues and receive mentoring in return.

1) You will learn the various aspects of setting up a private career practice in Canada

Important topics ranging from naming your business, dealing with legal considerations, generating a passive income, and choosing automation tools are dissected, researched, and discussed. You will share resources and personal experiences about what worked, what didn’t work, and what required further exploration.

2) You will meet like-minded professionals

The group was made up of two types of professionals; those who were figuring out how to start a private practice, tackle their fears, and deal with impostor syndrome, while others had already started their practice and were facing a variety of challenges. Some members of our group were still employed, and others were not. The rich diversity of group members brings fresh new perspectives; ideas, tactics, and strategies you may not have thought of previously.

3) You will be seen and heard

Setting up a new private career practice can feel overwhelming and lonely at times. The Mastermind Mentoring Group is a safe space to share what you are going through as a professional. There are no judgements; you will find people are receptive and supportive. If any member of the group had dealt with a challenge now being faced by someone else in the group, helpful tips and suggestions were freely offered.

4) You will network with professionals in your field

As a member of the Mastermind group, you will connect with professionals from across Canada and beyond. You will see that you are not alone in the challenges you’re facing and that you can be useful to others, too. Knowing that you can connect with someone who is in the same boat speeds your ability to solve problems. You may just make new friends, too.

5) You will tap into other people’s networks

Whether you need help creating a logo or a website, or getting introduced to trusted professionals outside of your field, you will get help from peers who have engaged with these people before. Group members are more than happy to share their contacts. These recommendations will speed up your search for expert help. You’ll gain insights on what it was like to work with these experts before deciding to contact them.

6) You will hone your research skills

You will discover that there are topics you may have not have thought of when it comes to being an entrepreneur. Conversely, topics you thought you were “expert” on may have been “flipped on their head” and completely overhauled due to the worldwide impact of COVID-19. This will push you to research those topics and find the most up-to-date information and best practices. You and your fellow Masterminds will choose to research and share information on a wide variety of topics such as marketing, selling, and business practices.

7) You will exchange knowledge

Being from diverse places and shaped by different experiences, no two professionals have the exact same approach. You will learn that what worked for you, didn’t for someone else because the circumstances and people involved were different. So, sharing knowledge allows you to add resources to your own tool box. It can also open your eyes to other potential avenues for gathering knowledge, such as taking on courses or applying for certifications.

8) You will celebrate your uniqueness

You will discover the unique value you bring to the market and that you have room to be yourself, find your own voice, and succeed in your practice. You will see how much you are needed in your community and that you can provide inspiration without copying the techniques and strategies of anyone else.

9) You will gain additional visibility online

The more people you get to know, the more online contacts and opportunities for interaction you’ll create. This additional visibility gives an extra boost to any online content you create and raises your profile in different geographic areas. Your interactions also provide opportunities for being inspired by what your peers are doing in the field of career development.

10) You will have a long-lasting impact

The group may meet once every thirty days but that does not mean that participants don’t interact with each other more frequently. You will be consulted in your areas of expertise and you will do the same with your fellow Masterminds. Your newfound knowledge opens up opportunities to create long-lasting impacts on the world of career development by writing articles, creating industry-related resources, or developing course material.

What are you waiting for? Sign up now!

If you had questions about why you should join CPC’s Mastermind Mentoring Program and what to expect, I hope I have addressed a good number of them. As a fledgling entrepreneur, participating in this program was one of the most valuable experiences I have had and I encourage everyone to sign up!

Call to Action

If you have already “graduated” from the Mastermind Mentoring program, please share your experiences in the comments section. If you are motivated and ready to join the program, you can find more information about how to sign for the January 2022 session here!

Rita Kamel is a Career & Employment Consultant, an Award-Winning Résumé & Interview Strategist, and the founder of DossierPro. Her mission is to empower international job seekers by providing tools and information to help them generate career opportunities. She earned the Career Development Practitioner (CDP), Certified Career Strategist (CCS), Certified Employment Strategist (CES), Certified Resume Strategist (CRS), Certified Interview Strategist (CIS), and Certified Work-Life Strategist (CWS) designations through Career Professionals of Canada. Rita holds a master’s degree in marketing and has extensive experience in recruitment. You can connect with her on LinkedIn and Twitter.


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