The Benefits of Partnering with a Professional Association


By Lori Jazvac.

Are you a team member in a career-related organization? Have you ever wondered what the benefits might be of having your group join the membership of a professional association?

Whether you’re a manager, administrator, consultant, educator, or career professional in a not-for-profit agency or a for-profit enterprise, there is great value in joining the inclusive community of Career Professionals of Canada.

Imagine being in the company of a national network of diversely skilled professionals. You and your team members will have the opportunity to learn, grow, connect, network, contribute, and participate in a caring, sharing, and supportive space.

Following are some of the benefits of CPC group membership. You will:

Keep current on industry trends and best practices

Let’s face it: résumé trends and employment strategies have changed and continue to change from year to year. Are you up-to-date on these trends and strategies and how they might impact your clients? CPC is consistently current and forward-thinking so that your team is able to stay well-informed about career industry developments, innovative practices, and leading-edge trends.

Participate in a variety of networking opportunities

CPC has an active Facebook Group where your team members can interact with other professionals and expand your organization’s professional network. There are opportunities to learn and contribute through participation in tele-networking sessions, and even events where you can socialize face-to-face with other like-minded professionals at regional meet-ups.

Expand your skill sets with training and certification

Once your group has joined CPC membership, there are many career-related courses and professional certifications that members can pursue. Why get certified, you may ask? Becoming certified means that you are accredited and guided by the Canadian Standards and Guidelines for Career Development Practitioners. You can feel confident that you’re offering the highest level of competencies reflective of industry standards, and clients can feel confident about positive outcomes.

By the way, the CCDP designation is already required in many Canadian provinces. By taking the steps to become certified as a CCDP, you are raising the bar of your skill set while ensuring the highest standards of professionalism.

Validate the ethical standards of your group

Your group has undoubtedly worked very hard to establish a solid reputation for high ethical standards. Group membership in CPC enhances that reputation by aligning your organization with an association that’s known and respected for impeccable professional ethics.

Receive mentoring and provide mentoring

CPC’s Mastermind Mentoring program is a great platform for showcasing your group’s expertise and for interacting with and learning from other seasoned professionals.

Gain résumé and website “clout”

Displaying your membership affiliation with a respected professional association is an excellent supplement to your résumé and your organization’s website. It conveys to prospective employers and clients that you’re dedicated to your profession and to continuous improvement.

Win awards for your work

CPC’s annual Awards of Excellence program provides a venue for validating the skills of your team members and raising the profile of your organization. Nominate yourself or your colleagues for an award in résumé-writing, career leadership, or social media strategist categories, to name a few. Gain “bragging rights” for your organization and impress your clientele!

Capitalize on volunteer opportunities

Another way to gain valuable accomplishments for inclusion on your résumé is to volunteer your expertise in support of your professional association. CPC is always looking for talented volunteers to assist on our Ambassador, Communications, Tele-networking, and Social Media Teams.

Enjoy large group benefits

If a large number of people from your organization are joining at the same time, you may be able to take advantage of additional set-up support, team orientation, and an affordable discounted group rate for membership in CPC.

There are almost limitless possibilities with a CPC membership! Why not take the plunge and move your career-related organization forward by joining a leading Canadian association? You’ll increase your connections, develop expertise, and enhance your visibility.

Not convinced? View this video for more information. Read testimonials from CPC members. Catch a glimpse of the member snapshot section.

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