November is Canada Career Month: Explore the Possibilities

Canada Career Month 2019

Happy Canada Career Month!

In November, we celebrate career development and this year we’ve got a very special brand new eBook lined up for you! We’ve compiled short stories featuring some very special career service providers. Download your eBook and celebrate the important work performed by career service providers development professionals across Canada.

Download: The Story of Career Development in Canada


RELEASE: November 1, 2019

The Canadian economy is changing. Traditional industries are being disrupted, and the labour force is being asked to adapt. In 2019, the idea of a job for life is being replaced for many by lifelong paths of productivity, education, and personal growth. Career Development Professionals (CDPs) help Canadians identify opportunities succeed at every step along that lifelong path.

The Canadian Council for Career Development (3CD) is calling on Canadians to explore their career possibilities during Canada Career Month 2019. 3CD experts are available throughout the month for comment in cities and towns nationwide to discuss the changing world of work.

This year, Canada Career Month is emphasizing the power of career development. Whether a student struggling with post-secondary choices, a young adult trying to break into the labour market for the first time, someone seeking more fulfillment or career advancement or someone trying to overcome barriers to employment…career development is a super power.

Over 90 nationwide events are scheduled in communities from coast-to-coast to help people prepare for, transition throughout, and succeed in their careers. These events include “human libraries” which pair participants with workers in careers they want to learn more about, open houses at career services and  displays of books on careers in Canada at public libraries across the country.

Every day this November, 3CD will be raffling off a book a day that highlights new career pathways and knowledge.

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I apologize however I cannot find your request for feedback and ideas for CCM 2020. I have some of both in no particular order of importance

Begin promoting it much earlier in the coming year. Many events need a budget and most agencies do their planning in the first quarter

Share info about events that worked well based on feedback or attendance numbers with others who may need some ideas

I am still a bit uncertain about the target audience for this program. Initially I thought it was the general public however it seems to be career practitioners and/or perhaps those in HR. If I had to select one it would be the public many of whom have no idea that there are excellent services out here and many are free of charge. Targeting people who work in the sector is preaching to the choir. In other words the events need to be for the public not career professionals . If I am off down the garden path I welcome feedback from you

It is old news however I have inferred that during the first couple of years CCM as a project was not managed by an ongoing team. What it looked like to me was that each year it was as if it were a new program and as a result there was no history or learning being passed on to the new project group . I gather that has changed however it is vital that the people who ran things this year debrief while memories are fresh and of course record the notes for posterity. My opinion is based on a concept called TEAM LEARNING

It is getting a bit better however I still perceive that those in western Canada are less involved than say OTTAWA and the Atlantic Provinces. Actually it is fascinating to me that there are so many strong programs in the latter region and indeed some that are the backbone of what we all do such as BLUEPRINT. Not sure what can be done about that and it is getting better. The members from provincial career development associations can give you their feedback. BTW my first point is one of the possible reasons

Dear Sir : i am writing to you to express my interest to join your company and i am an excellent fit for this position,depending on my extensive background.I believe that after you have reviewed my application and resume you will see that i possess an excellent skills set which match with your requirements. i look forward to hear a good news from you at early